Friday, 22 February 2013

It's simple darling, I gave you a warning

The weekend has hit and everyone is getting excited. I'm at the end of half term so I'm feeling a little different. All of my fun has been had and it's time to get work finished off and lessons planned! I sometimes wonder if I'm the only person that can spend ages online looking at clothes but not actually buying them. Please tell me I'm not the only one! All of my spends are going on my travels to Thailand - I keep reminding myself it will be soooo worth it once I'm there.

Here are a few different things I've been lusting after today:

Weekend getaway
Admittedly, this is probably a strange outfit. Really expensive Prada bag with grungy clothes from H&M? Yeah, that about sums up my style and the things I love. Mixing the unexpected makes for the best outfits sometimes. Plus these boots BELONG on my feet.

This layout is just full of things I'd love to own. I wouldn't pair the  Miss Selfridge top and Topshop skirt together (hello flesh overload) but I'd definitely wear them separately. The anchor bag is expensive but look how pretty it is! Oh and yes that is a Batman ring.

Shoe love

Shoes. I honestly believe a girl can never have too many shoes. Your feet don't change size and eventually there will be an event that you can wear them to, no matter how ridiculous they may be. After watching the entire Sex and the City boxset, I have decided that I need a walk in wardrobe like Carrie. I won't apologise for my love of frivolity and silliness. If someone handed me lots of money and told me to buy some shoes I really wanted then here is what would happen.

The chunky brown ankle boots are from Ebay and only cost £24. They look similar to the Topshop Allegras but with a bigger heel. Aldo sell the red wedge trainers and oh how they would look good paired with some leggings and a grungy top with blazer. I don't wear trainers often but I think I could make an exception for these. You can also see four pairs of shoes from a kind of birds eye view. They're all from Zara. I love Zara so much but always wimp out when going to buy shoes because I think I could buy several pairs in a cheaper shop. Must remind myself that quality is better than quantity. Electric blue shoes please.

Rather than signing off by telling you what I'm about to eat, I thought I'd brag tell you that I'm going to see Girls Aloud next weekend and I am ridiculously excited! Sorry to anyone near me who may be deafened by my screaming. No, really.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Anything could happen

Quick post today because I've been busy booking things for my travels in Thailand. I'm so excited that I can barely sit still!

Here are a few beauties from ASOS that might tickle your fancy.

Monday, 18 February 2013

We can spin the sun around

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. On Saturday the girls and I decided to head to Aurora restaurant in Nottingham for a well deserved meal and a few glasses of wine. Having never been to Aurora before, we didn't know what to expect but the menu sounded delicious and at around £20 for three courses, we couldn't pass it up. After oohing and aahing upon entry to the restaurant, we sat down and looked over the menus while we caught up on recent gossip.

As it was Valentine's weekend, Emma had bought us all a little present each to celebrate friendship and singledom. She handed out a small package each so we wouldn't know what we were opening. All of us had a different necklace with a literary quotation related to it. Such a cute personal touch. I'm still wearing my necklace.

After the excitement of presents and glaring jealously at all of the food surrounding us, we ordered our meals and then ate each course almost in silence because it was so delicious!

Beef Carpaccio, Blue Cheese with Pomegranate Salsa
Red Pepper & Vine Tomato Soup, Basil Foam, Rarebit Cheese Crouton

Seared Scallops, Salmon Mousse Ravioli on Buttered Leeks, Candied Lemon & Citrus cream

 ‘Surf & Turf’, Baby Vine Toms, Hand Cut Chips, Rocket Salad, Balsamic Glaze
Sea bass, Herb Mash, Lemon Scented Spinach, Confit Tomato & Hollandaise
Raspberry Cocktail Eton Mess
Bitter Chocolate Fondant, Praline, Cerise cream

Sorry for the poor quality photos, I only had my phone so had to rely on taking snaps with that every now and again. I must be the most irritating person to eat at a restaurant with! We finished our meals with a big smile on our faces and headed off to a few cocktails bars for the evening. I'll definitely be heading back to Aurora again and spreading the word. I couldn't believe how well priced it was for such high quality food.

If you want to check out the restaurant then here's the website: Aurora. Enjoy!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Take me dancing in the wild

Friday seemed to take forever to roll around this week but that's probably because it's half term and I've been looking forward to it so much! Last night was full of cake baking and brownie making - below are some of the pink glittery cakes I made to raise money for charity at school. They were pretty slap dash because I was so tired I couldn't see straight but I think they were fairly popular.

One of the most exciting things this week was definitely my trip to the o2 which involved having a tour, filming in sky studios and visiting a mini Harry Potter exhibition. My sixth formers all had a good laugh at me happily snapping pictures of everything and squealing loudly. I flooded instagram with pictures the minute I could. Loser!

Quickly moving on from my excitement to my terror about dying my hair. I know I'm way behind everyone else but I've FINALLY ombred my hair. It took a long time to summon up the nerve to do it and buy the kit. After watching endless tutorials and reading blogs, I decided it was time to give it a go. How wrong can it go? Hmm. Well I now have a very subtle ombre effect on my hair. Kind of light brown ends rather than any blonde. Might put some more bleach on it tomorrow just to lighten it a bit more and stop it looking like it has just dried out. Is this the most stupid idea I've ever had? Please tell me if I'm about to ruin my hair forever.

My hair looks very red here but it must be the lighting!

My weekend is going to consist of a girlie meal at a fancy place in town, some dancing and some amaretto sours. This will swifly be followed by a massive roast dinner and a day of me complaining that I feel rubbish. Ideal. As is half term tradition, I have said yes to everyone and everything and totally overbooked myself. Looking forward to catching up with friends and family and having a life, if only for a week.

At some point during the week I'll moan about not having enough clothes. This is total rubbish. I (and every other girl I know) has tons of clothes. That doesn't mean they're the right clothes though. There is a difference! Here are some lovelies I'm currently lusting over:

Friday faves

Motel, Matalan and Nelly were my shops of choice tonight. I love how the baroque dress from Matalan looks like it could be really expensive.

Must get offline and get some much needed sleep! Happy weekend! x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I wear my grandad's clothes

Can you believe it snowed today? I thought we'd finally got rid of the snow when February arrived. I rushed home after work and immediately made soup and tea to combat the cold temperatures. Brr! Inevitably, I ended up internet shopping and having a sneaky peek at one of my dream shops. My wardrobe is full of designer goodies and luxury gifts. I'd like to think that one day a man will take the initiative, pop on there and buy me some pretty things. I can but dream!

With a sale on at the moment, My Wardrobe is much more affordable for most people. I would never be able to buy a pair of £200 shoes so they're here purely to show you how pretty they are. The blue swirly diary is definitely something I could stretch to though...

So I've had a little play around with my blog and changed the background to a kind of purple fan design. What do you think? The Diane Von Fustenberg phone case here looks really similar actually! Blogging is a really love/hate thing for me. Some weeks I'll post everyday and other times I will barely write at all. Must depend on my need to shop/swoon over sparkly things and how much I want to share my thoughts with you. In an attempt to curb my expensive shopping habit, Ebay has become my biggest friend after I've bought a few beautiful bargain dresses from there. I have discovered a cheeky little ASOS outlet thing which is a real treat. Shh, don't tell anyone!

Saturday, 2 February 2013


I'm a creature of habit. Just like my dad, I always park in the same parking space and I like what I know. That also applies to the clothes I wear. Black always seems to be my go-to shade and I wear it in some form every day. I suppose it suggests that I'm not very adventurous but then if it ain't broke...

On my quest for a new outfit I found myself in River Island yesterday. The stock varies in RI quite massively and sometimes I wouldn't wear anything in there but then there are other times when I could buy everything I see! Yesterday was one of those days. Luckily, I managed to settle on a top and skirt combination in my trusty black and left the shop feeling pretty smug with myself.

My evening consisted of dancing, cocktails and good friends. I'll be following that up today with more of the same with an added Mexican meal thrown into the mix. Now that February has rolled around I suppose it is time for me to get ill so I've been suffering with a terribly sore throat since Friday. Honey and lemon it is! If you know any other remedies please let me know. I want to be better by this evening.

No more shopping for a while so I thought it would only be fair to share the RI love. Look at all the colour thrown in just for you!

The black dress with cut out shoulders is something I'd wear again and again. Showing a tiny bit of flesh is much better than having it all out on show. Pair the dress with the cream and black heels and you have an instant outfit.

The yellow summer dress is just very cute and would go nicely with some brown sandals and the anklets (next to it). I'd add a black blazer and heels for evening time. Same applies to the beige coloured patterned dress.

You may have noticed there are two of the same top on here. Floral peplum tops can be worn dressed up at night or to work with a pencil skirt. They also both have a really pretty low back.

Then we have another black dress. Told you I like it! It would look good with bright heels and a clutch just to keep it interesting. I'd add quirky gold jewellery (like the swirly ring next to it) and a statement necklace.

On the bottom row it gets a little more girlie. The white embellished top looks gorgeous although I'm not sure it would suit me. I can imagine it looking beautiful on another girl though! Same applies to the pink skirt. Girlie just doesn't suit everyone!

It's time for me to settle down and watch the end of the rugby with some soup and buttery bread. Happy weekend!

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