Tuesday, 31 August 2010


It's been so chilly recently I've been starting to think about my winter wardrobe. After falling in love with the newly organised Nottingham Topshop the other day, I decided that would be the first website I would look at.

In their 'collections' section I found this:

It looks stylish and warm but would definitely be warmer if I coupled it with skinny jeans and a cute bobble hat. I will be recreating this look as soon as money allows.

The clothes above are the items Topshop have put together for the outfit but I would add some more to make it suit my shape and to add that extra warmth...
Earrings to add a bit of glamour to winter!
Comfier shoes for icy days

A hat with bow to keep it cutesy - just how I like it!

Perhaps winter won't be so miserable after all.

Desperate Housewives

This has got me so excited today! Sexy and mysterious as usual. Can't wait!

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