Saturday, 12 March 2011

Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth.

We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.  ~Frederick Keonig

In light of all the recent natural disasters and the devastation of so many lives, I've been thinking about my own life. I'm guilty of complaining about every little thing even when I know that other people have it so much worse. Sometimes I lose focus and forget how great my life is and how much I should appreciate the people who keep me smiling on a daily basis. Even those people who I don't speak to or see that often are still considered great friends and people who I value. I know everyone gets wrapped up in work, saving money, having a rest and so on, and you end up losing touch or not seeing people as much as you could.

I didn't give anything up for lent, I picked something up. I'm going to appreciate people more and try to enjoy life as it happens rather than thinking I'm aiming for some final happiness (whatever that may be). Everyone is probably guilty of the same thing. 'If only I could lose some weight/have that thing/achieve this... then I would be happy.' I'm going to stop doing that. I realised that I AM happy right now. I love my job, I have great people in my life and I'm happy with myself as a person. Of course there are plenty of things to improve on, but focusing on that isn't going to be helpful. I need to live in the moment more. Living in the moment doesn't mean stopping doing work or treating people like I will never see them again, but it does mean doing things because I want to and not because I feel like I should. I will always be ambitious and hard working but I don't think that should stop me enjoying myself and making sure everyone around me is also happy. 

My happy things
♥ listening to music while I write
♥ delicious food
♥ crossing things off my to do list
♥ looking forward to seeing friends and catching up
♥ knowing something I've done has helped someone
♥ long bath, glass of wine and trashy magazine
♥ bright nail varnish
♥ long talks
♥ mornings getting lighter = summertime approaching!
♥ long lie ins
 The happiest times in my life have been unplanned: moving to Spain, going to wakestock with Tait and having that last minute race down the motorway, ending up at Aberystwyth University (best decision ever).

I'm starting to think planning is overrated. xx

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