Sunday, 22 January 2012


Love Hearts and Crosses is a jewellery shop I discovered through twitter and I'm often on there scrolling through the latest pieces. They're reasonably priced and there's a good mix of simple but quirky items (such as the ones below) and cute, kitsch pieces, ranging from button bracelets to strawberry earrings. My personal taste tends to sway towards big dress pieces which will make an obvious statement but there's definitely something there for everybody. Here are the things I'm currently loving:

*This post isn't sponsored or anything like that. I just genuinely like sharing good finds! Check out the shop for prices here.


My latest addiction is Pinterest. It's a site similar to and tumblr where you can 'pin' particular items you like and this saves them to several 'boards' on your profile. At the moment I have boards for style, home, places, thoughts, beauty and food. I like the idea of finding things and saving them to look at later. Unfortunately, I like the thought of it so much that I now have three picture accounts for the same kind of thing!

I use Tumblr for art and literature type things but fashion inevitably creeps in.
Weheartit indulges my girlie, daydreaming side and has tons of pictures because it's so easy to 'heart' things.
Pinterest is a more grown-up version of both of these and lots of people tend to use it to get inspiration for future dreams or events. I love looking at interior design on it!

I thought I'd share some of the gorgeous pictures from my 'home' board. You know, for when I win the lottery...

You can find me on Pinterest here.
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