Friday, 15 February 2013

Take me dancing in the wild

Friday seemed to take forever to roll around this week but that's probably because it's half term and I've been looking forward to it so much! Last night was full of cake baking and brownie making - below are some of the pink glittery cakes I made to raise money for charity at school. They were pretty slap dash because I was so tired I couldn't see straight but I think they were fairly popular.

One of the most exciting things this week was definitely my trip to the o2 which involved having a tour, filming in sky studios and visiting a mini Harry Potter exhibition. My sixth formers all had a good laugh at me happily snapping pictures of everything and squealing loudly. I flooded instagram with pictures the minute I could. Loser!

Quickly moving on from my excitement to my terror about dying my hair. I know I'm way behind everyone else but I've FINALLY ombred my hair. It took a long time to summon up the nerve to do it and buy the kit. After watching endless tutorials and reading blogs, I decided it was time to give it a go. How wrong can it go? Hmm. Well I now have a very subtle ombre effect on my hair. Kind of light brown ends rather than any blonde. Might put some more bleach on it tomorrow just to lighten it a bit more and stop it looking like it has just dried out. Is this the most stupid idea I've ever had? Please tell me if I'm about to ruin my hair forever.

My hair looks very red here but it must be the lighting!

My weekend is going to consist of a girlie meal at a fancy place in town, some dancing and some amaretto sours. This will swifly be followed by a massive roast dinner and a day of me complaining that I feel rubbish. Ideal. As is half term tradition, I have said yes to everyone and everything and totally overbooked myself. Looking forward to catching up with friends and family and having a life, if only for a week.

At some point during the week I'll moan about not having enough clothes. This is total rubbish. I (and every other girl I know) has tons of clothes. That doesn't mean they're the right clothes though. There is a difference! Here are some lovelies I'm currently lusting over:

Friday faves

Motel, Matalan and Nelly were my shops of choice tonight. I love how the baroque dress from Matalan looks like it could be really expensive.

Must get offline and get some much needed sleep! Happy weekend! x
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