Friday, 27 January 2012

Tag 11. Why not?

Remember when notes on facebook used to be really popular and everyone did quizzes and facts about themselves? Well, I do. Anyway, it seems to have transferred over to the blogworld and I've been tagged in a post by The Sparkling Blogette.

Normally, I wouldn't do something like this, but it made me really happy that someone would want to know things about little old me. I know my blog isn't that personal and I don't give much away but I thought I'd make an exception. It's nice for someone to ask and to appreciate my blog!

However, I am absolutely HOPELESS at listing facts about myself or sounding even slightly interesting so I'll have to skip the facts and move onto the questions.

1. Do you have a celebrity crush? I tend to change my mind quite frequently but the only one that has stood the test of time is David Beckham. He gets better with age! If we were counting personality then it would be someone like Chris O Dowd from The IT Crowd.

2. Why did you started blogging? I started blogging years ago as a way to share my thoughts without writing a new facebook status every five minutes. This way people can choose if they want to read it or not! I also really like sharing pretty things and I've been using it as a way to bookmark my favourite items and wishlists.

3. Is there a band that you like but no-one knows you like it? I like so many different kinds of music but people always seem to be surprised when I say I'm really into rock music. I know I don't look particularly 'alternative' now but I've never been one to fit with stereotypes. I don't like the idea that everyone can fit into a particular box and they're not allowed to like certain types of music. My favourite band is Incubus but I grew up listening to a mix, such as: Metallica, Slipknot, Green Day, Foo Fighters, New Found Glory and Biffy Clyro. I also love The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Motown and lots of others!

4. What’s your favourite makeup brand? Benefit. Love it! See my post here on it.

5. Are you addicted to something? No but I do get grumpy if I don't have pasta or cheese for a while!

6. Where did you go on your first holiday ever? It was probably Cornwall or Devon. The standard family holiday down south.

7. Would you like to be famous? I'd like the benefits of fame without the intrusion and difficulties. I wouldn't complain if someone wanted to give me free things and pay me a massive wage. Anyone know of a real job like that?!

8. Describe yourself in 1 word. Passionate. I think that word covers a whole variety of things and it's a better way of explaining myself than simply saying 'motivated' or 'ambitious'.

9. What’s your favourite film? There are so many but I don't think I could ever get bored of Forrest Gump.

10. Who’s your favorite blogger? Again, so many. The blogs that I read most are: Frassy, LLYMLRS, The Londoner, Mediamarmalade, Meeknmild and Loveology.

11. Do you go outside without makeup? Very rarely! Everyone needs a defence mechanism. Plus I have freckles and look about twelve with no makeup on!

So those are my answers. I don't want to tag more people because I don't want to irritate anyone (or have to think up loads of new questions.) I did enjoy answering mine though!

If anyone has any questions about me or my blog then you can always follow me on twitter and say hello!

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