Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The death of you and me

Today I learnt a new lesson: It's surprisingly therapeutic to laugh at yourself. My life appears to be a series of depressing/embarrassing situations mainly due to my poor decision making. I'm hoping that one day I'll get it right and not have to stand around with my friends laughing at myself. It is actually quite enjoyable though!

Anyway, today I thought I'd share some of my latest fancies from Accessories Direct. I already have some goodies (see here) from their website and here are a few I've got my eye on at the moment.
In the centre is a gorgeous key ring which would look delicious on my Mulberry! If you haven't seen my Mulberry yet then you've managed to avoid my constant raving about it and the competition that I won. Have a look through my previous posts if you want to see my pretty bag in all of its glory.

Ok so the top row shows two bracelets and a ring (centre) - I vary what I like on a day to day basis so I thought I'd have it covered by two completely different items! The bracelet on the left would be for a reserved, classy evening (yeah, I have loads of those) and the bracelet on the right would be something I would wear everyday. The ring in the middle of the row is another one I'd wear constantly because it looks a little different but not so stand out that I couldn't wear it for work.

The sandals on the second row look so difficult to wear but I bet they'd look really good when you actually put them on. I see girls wearing these and wonder how they wrap it around their ankle! The bracelet on the right of the second row is just another gorgeous find.

Last but not least, the bottom row has three things for evening. I don't wear necklaces that often. Too much faff in the morning when getting ready for work! I like the idea of wearing a big chunky necklace on a night out and a boxy clutch like the one in the centre. It reminds me of the Alexander Mcqueen skull clutches but just much cheaper.

That's all for accessory love right now. I've been listening to my V playlist TONS recently and I'm getting so excited about the festival even though it's not until August. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are my current background noise, hence the title of this post. It's not as depressing as it sounds, promise!

Anyone else off to V? 

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