Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas 2011

A bid to round up my year, feel the festive spirit and celebrate achievements:

January saw a reunion trip to London to see old university friends. A trip which saw me getting very confused with the London underground map and a night of drinking following by racing around in the pouring rain trying desperately to get back to our hotel. Who has tofu as a drunken meal? I will never know. I also was living with my difficult ex housemate/landlord and desperate to get out as soon as possible after his famous garlic bread ban.

Sunshine arrived in March and it instantly made me want to head out for lunch and cocktails. It was also the month I handed my notice into the old landlord and began hunting for a new place to live. This was followed by some fantastic GCSE results from my classes and a few proud tears from me.

In May I moved in my new flat and also went to Aberystwyth for rugby sevens to catch up with old friends. It was lovely to see some old favourites and perhaps a time when I should have left some other old 'favourites' in the past. Something which has once again proved that I should definitely listen to my best friends! I also went to Birmingham for lunch with some of those best friends. The people that will undoubtedly be friends for life. They know who they are!

June saw lunch with the PGCE ladies, booking tickets for an outdoor theatre experience watching Macbeth (which was brilliant) and a staff night out on a boat followed by an enlightening experience in Oceana. Tip: If you go somewhere which sells 3 drinks for the price of 1, then there IS a reason.

My birthday in July was spent in Cyprus where I also went to a lovely wedding and came back with a tan that lasted much longer than other things.

In August I had a party at my new flat which saw it being covered with jelly vodka and food but which was also kindly cleared up by my lovely friends. I also saw Kim for a boozy lunch just to remind myself that I definitely can't keep up with her! I then saw Lauren for a hilarious struggle with a bottle of wine which eventually involved a sieve. A few nights out with Tait as standard, which always culminate in something ridiculous one way or another. At the end of August, Wiseo and Scotty arrived to firmly drink me under the table and create all kinds of havoc in town! Incredible night!

The day after the epic night with those two fiends (yes, I missed a letter out deliberately), I then headed off to Strawberry Fields Festival with Tait to indulge in some tent dancing, James Bond rolling and porta loo hating fun. Not to mention glow in the dark teeth! On return from the festival, my new car had arrived and term was ready to start again. In October I headed off to Goodfellow's party in London and it turned into some old school university reunion. Lethal flip cup and a wine bin were the main stars of the evening.

October and November saw many nights out with various people and a trip to see The Maccabees, Incubus, a big fair for Bonfire Night and Rosie's birthday night in Stealth. Ofsted hit school in November and here we are in December where I've been up to Birmingham to see my best girls again.

My resolutions for 2011 were to see my friends more, appreciate people and get the work/life balance right. I think I managed it! Not every single social event or person I saw has been listed here but these were some of the highlights I could think of. Although I worked hard throughout the year, I still managed to see my friends and show them how much they mean to me. I moved into my own flat, got my own car and have finally begun to feel truly independent. 2011 was a year in which I realised that it's up to me to make my own happiness and it's also up to me to make sure that people in my life feel valued.

Merry Christmas xx

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