Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Mulberry has landed!

I had the usual Christmas day involving food, a few little presents and general relaxing infront of some good old films. The only thing keeping me slightly on edge was knowing that the What's In My Handbag competition would be ending that day and that the winner would soon be announced. I had entered loads of times and was trying to be careful to stay on the right side of entries and not just spamming the hell out of everyone. The winner was to receive a Mulberry Alexa handbag so it's probably quite understandable that I was desperate to win.

As a teacher but also a massive lover of fashion and pretty things, I don't have much money. Nor could I ever justify splurging on a handbag for hundreds of pounds when in times like these I should really be saving towards my future. I hate having to be sensible. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I won. I screamed. Loudly. My family wondered what had happened and after regaining the ability to talk at a normal volume I explained that I'd won my dream handbag. This was then followed by bewildered stares as my dad and brother thought I had finally gone insane. Boys don't understand these things. Luckily, my mum and auntie were on hand to share in my excitement and sit there with me while I planned what I could wear my gorgeous new handbag with and look at how other people had styled it.

My brand new handbag arrived today and I couldn't even wait to get it home. I sat and ripped it open at the delivery office (the package, not the handbag) and then drove all the way home with it sat on my lap. A little extreme some may say! I also got a lovely handwritten card from the ladies at WIMH to say thank you for entering their competion and being with them from the start. They also put in a few goodies as I'd had to wait a little while due to new year. Amazing!

Unfortunately I don't have an expensive camera to take photos with but I did my best with my phone and they've turned out alright. Here's a few snaps of my pretty new bag and the goodies I received. I think it's safe to say that I'm WIMH's biggest fan right now. Thanks ladies and I hope everyone else loves your site and blog as much as I do.

If you would like to be a member of WIMH then follow this link and get in line. They have plenty of beauty goodies and tips coming your way.


  1. Oh my, its so gorgeous *dies with jealousy* xx

  2. Aw congrats! It's lovely. I've just bought an Alexa :) Enjoy your new Mulberry bag. Love, V.

  3. ooh lucky you! Enjoy the bag, you deserve it!

    x L.

    1. Thank you! What a lovely thing to say! xx

  4. Oh my word! I don't think I've ever been so jealous in my life! :) take care of that beauty! Xx


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