Monday, 26 December 2011


I love shopping but even I hate the January sales. Frantic shopping is the worst kind. I don't like the idea of battling someone for that last dress or deciding that if I buy a size 6 it will be fine if I just diet into it. Neither of those things are acceptable! I woke up this morning to an email from Stylistpick informing me that all of their products are currently £15 with a discount code. I've been signed up to them for a while and not bought anything yet. They work on the idea that each item is priced at £39.95 and that each month you have a new 'showroom' which has been picked for you. You might have heard of them because Cheryl Cole has just created a new, more expensive line for them. Anyway, I logged onto the site wondering if I could find myself a bargain and ended up finding three things I desperately wanted!

Here are the three:

The bright red shoes are so beautiful that I really had to talk myself out of it. The £15 bargain was only valid on one item so I had to choose. I do need a new clutch bag but I have been looking for some black boots like these for months and so they won. The boots are on their way to me and I'm hoping that they'll last right through the end of winter and spring. I feel boring for ordering those over the gorgeous high heels but I was being practical for once!

Stylistpick works with a variety of stylists who create your profile and then select items according to that. My favourite stylist is Louise Roe. She never gets it wrong. Here are her December favourites.

My new 2012 girl crush. 

Just something to note if you sign up to Stylistpick: Once you have ordered your first item, you then become a VIP member. This means that each month they take £39.95 out of your account as a membership fee and you are then free to choose an item to be sent to you each month. If you don't choose something then that will count as a credit and you can use it the next month. However, if you don't want to pay the fee then just skip each month before the 5th and you don't have to pay. I'll definitely be doing that as I don't think I can justify spending £40 on shoes a month!


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