Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Colour pop

I know that handbags are a mystery to men. Why can't we just have one handbag that we use for everything? Well, what do they know?

River Island have some really bright bags at the moment and it's starting to make me feel ready for spring. I feel like I've worn nothing but black for the last four months so I'm ready for some colour again now. 

My favourite picks

I think my favourite out of this bunch is the greeny/blue bag in the middle column. I'm sure that could fit into my wardrobe somewhere...

Benefit beauty

My love for Benefit hasn't wavered at all since I first discovered their make up years ago. I finally found the perfect foundation to suit my skin tone and also give just the right amount of coverage. Their bronzers aren't too shimmery and their creams and potions are gorgeous. The only downside is the price. My favourite foundation is twenty five pounds which is not something I can afford to buy all that often. My trick to make it last longer is to mix the foundation with some moisturiser or some highlighter and then put it on with a brush. It means it's not too heavy on my face during the day but I can use more foundation for the evening.

I own quite a few Benefit products which I tend to match with cheaper make-up brands like Rimmel or Maybelline. Below are some of the products I've owned and what I thought of them...

1. Realness of Concealness - I was bought this mini set as a birthday present and love it. Not too sure about the lip plump as it goes on very brown and doesn't appear to make much difference to my pout. It might just be me?
2. They're Real mascara - It really does make lashes much thicker and longer but is really difficult to get off! If you're stuck in the rain and still want to look glammed up then this is perfect.
3. Playstick - I use the shade called Teaparty as my main foundation. Obsessed with it. The cute name means I never forget which shade I am!
4. Hello Flawless - this powder does what it says on the tin. I use it during summer time when my skin is less dry. It's not a particulary dry powder but I like to use a more liquid like one in winter just because it gives a bit more moisture. I use the Honey shade which is slightly warmer than my skin tone but is fine when the sun is out.
5. Girl meets pearl - This highlighter was a random splurge and it's a little too silvery for me but it does look lovely mixed with foundation.
6. It Stick - A good cover up but it is a pain to find a pencil sharpener which is the right size!
7. Erase Paste - I borrowed some from a friend once and discovered just how genius it is!You only need the tiniest blob (and I really do mean tiniest) and it covers blemishes perfectly.

And here are some Benefit goodies that I've been dying to get my hands on!

1. Hoola bronzer - I've tried this and it's perfect. I've never been able to afford it so it's been on top of my wishlist for quite a while.
2.You Rebel tinted moisturiser - Would love to give this a go in summer time.
3. The Porefessional - I've heard so many good things about this! I want to try it for myself.
4. Bad Gal Liner - I love dark eyeliner and this looks like a winner.
5. Dear John moisuriser - I'm constantly moisturising and looking out for the perfect new product. This is another one that I've heard good things about and would love to buy.

The end of the month is nearly here, but payday hasn't arrived just yet. I've reached that point where I'm scraping around for make up and feeling panicked that I will run out of my benefit foundation just before I go on a night out. However, never fear! I've spotted a giveaway on a new blog I've been reading so I thought I'd share (and try my own luck too).

Aimee from this blog is giving away some of my most wanted Benefit goodies and everyone has the opportunity to win. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time! Have a read of her blog and enter the competition if you're as obsessed as I am!

Fingers crossed everyone x

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