Wednesday, 21 September 2011


*pictures not mine. Wish they were!


I'm suffering from the worst headcold this week but at least that gives me an excuse to coat myself in vaporub and lie around in a duvet whenever I have a spare moment. It's been such a full on week so far that I've not done much other than work and listen to music. I've fallen deeper in love than ever with Bombay Bicycle Club and The Kooks and seem to be listening to some of their latest tracks on a constant loop while I get marking and planning done.

I'm really enjoying getting lessons planned and doing all the background work at the moment. It feels good to use my brain properly after the six weeks of slobbing about and engaging with nothing more mentally stimulating than a drinks menu! One of my favourite parts of my job is the creative side of it. Having to think of different ways to do something or activities that will keep the kids interested is what I really enjoy. I spent most of last night making 'interactive posters' which are basically pages on the internet which you can add youtube clips, audio files, flashing symbols, quotes and images to. It appealed to my not so inner geek.

If I can get through this week with my voice intact then I'm looking forward to a weekend involving a cinema trip, drinks and night out, seeing birthday girl Emma for a much needed roast dinner and taking delivery of various new pieces of technology. I'm also going to be working on my self imposed mission to watch more films and read more books. So far this week I've seen 'Love and Other Drugs', 'He's Just Not That Into You', 'The Social Network', 'Othello' (Kenneth Branagh version for those English/Shakespeare lovers) and I've got 'The Town' to watch next. Books at the moment just consist of school texts and things I've been using to read around the subjects I'm teaching. I'm hoping to do some book swaps with people soon!

I have plenty of things to be getting on with so the songs I am surviving on are below. I always post tons because then I can find songs again easily when I want a listen! Storage blog comes to the rescue.

I wonder when I will get bored of Ed Sheeran? That furry little ginger man does have a lovely voice.

and this one just for a bit of extra cheese... if you think he is whiny anyway then I suggest you don't listen to this one!

Whatever this is, I want it.

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