Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I kill germs like dettol

Hello ridiculous lyric title. This one is taken from one of my favourite Hadouken! songs and I thought it deserved to be broadcast haha! I've had a busy couple of weeks so thought I'd do another little instagram post and show you a snippet of my life. I didn't take photos of all the things I did because I was either attached to food/looking after my friend's excitable toddler or being drenched in the rain.

1. Homemade Raspberry Mojito which we enjoyed during the tiny window of sunshine on Saturday.
2. My view from the soft top Mazda I got to whiz around in.
3. New shoes! I've been dying to get some leopard print pumps for ages and Primark came through.
4. I danced in the rain and loved every second of it.
5. KFC trip. Fillet tower burger please. I only really want the hash brown.
6. I NEED the S mug in my life.
7. A pretty plate. Too pretty for eating from.
8. Can't beat a Moomin.
9. Posing it up in my parka (another little Primark treat) before the rain got seriously heavy.

1. Sunshine fun times.
2. Outfit of the day - aztec prints and denim are my new love.
3. A little freebie from What's In My Handbag - loved the personalised touch.
4. Fur lined booties I bought from Stylistpick in the winter - had to dig them back out!
5.The two tiny rings are a present to myself from Dixi (search them online) - too cute.
6. Dry conditioner (I didn't know it existed) from WIMH. Yet to try it though!
7. Piggy bank. Could do with feeding him soon.
8. I watched The Beach again recently. Forgot how gory it is at times. Eek!
9. More goodies - this time from a lovely lady on twitter.

So those are a few things I've been up to recently. I even dared to put my face in one picture despite my ever-growing paranoia about the online world! I blogged about starting up running recently (which I actually managed AND enjoyed) but the rain set in and gave me a good excuse to avoid it again. Hurry back sunshine, we miss you!

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