Saturday, 19 May 2012

Listening to #18

I haven't posted what I've been listening to for a while so here we go! These tracks are ones I've listening to recently, so not old favourites as such. I think most people are fairly aware that my love for Incubus is neverending (hence the blog title).

Band of Skulls - I know what I am

The Joy Formidable - Whirring

Not only is the song great but the video is gorgeous and arty. I want to disappear into a trunk and find a new world below! The video makes me want to start painting again. Maybe during summer time.

Emeli Sande - Where I Sleep

Her album is just beautiful and her voice speaks for itself. Can't stop listening to this.

Death by diamonds and pearls

I've had a great day scanning the shops and trying on things I couldn't possibly afford. Not only that, but I also discovered a 'Happy Egg' restaurant! You know the happy eggs you can buy? Well they made a restaurant which sells omelettes, pancakes etc and it is IMMENSE. I had a chorizo and mozzarella omelette with salad but was so tempted to have waffles with ice cream on afterwards. I managed to restrain myself somehow. I was also restrained with the shopping (partly being sensible but mainly because I can't afford to spend tons) and I only bought two cheap pairs of shoes from Primark.

We spent plenty of time in House of Fraser covering ourselves in perfumes and swooning over the Nails Inc manicure bar. I could spend hours in that shop. I also got plenty of satisfaction from walking around the expensive bags and knowing that my lovely little Mulberry (which I won) was more expensive than all of them. 

After dragging ourselves back from town, we equipped ourselves with pizza and ice cream (strawberry cheesecake of course) and scoffed our way through a film and The Voice. I don't even really enjoy The Voice anymore but I think I watch it so that I know what people are talking about. Does anyone else do that? Weird. Anyway, here are a few ASOS loves...

I really want some new jewellery and bits and pieces for summer. I'm being drawn to all things gold, aztec style and studs or spikes. Nearly every piece of clothing I picked up today had studs on it! I'm worried that I'm going to end up dressing like Rihanna at this rate! Zara has some gorgeous yet subtle stud work on their tops at the moment if you fancy trying the stud trend but not going all out.

Oh and one little apology too. I've been a lazy blogger recently and have only just started regular posts again. I'll try and keep it up as much as possible because I know that some people do like to read my humble little blog. I really appreciate that! Thank youuuu :)

Are there any posts you would like me to do more of/less of? Any new things I should talk about?

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