Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pieces form the whole.

 I think most people would agree that Stephen Fry is an absolute legend. Not only is he ridiculously intelligent, charming, self-deprecating and witty but he is also humble and speaks openly about his bipolar disorder. There should be more people like him in this world! His current tv series The Word is brilliant - particularly the episode 'Uses and Abuses' which looks at the way taboo and swearing feature in our lives. I've been watching back on iPlayer and laughing along with him but also feeling the need to ask more questions about society and language itself. I know I'm an English and Media teacher and I'm bound to be interested in this kind of thing but it genuinely is very interesting and the series covers so many issues and ideas that people need to think about. The Uses and Abuses episode  also looks at racism and homosexuality and how certain words can offend different groups. This is something I feel really strongly about and wish more people knew what is acceptable and what clearly isn't. Plus, hearing him try and speak 'hip hop' language is worth it just for that! Go and watch the wisdom of Fry as he swears his way through an hour of television. Follow him on twitter @stephenfry for some of his fantastic tweets. His latest one says: 'Apology and embarrassment are the twin pillars of British culture. We even apologise for apologising. Sorry about that.'

Talking of abuses, half term, halloween, bonfire night and Christmas are fast approaching. This can only mean lots of social events and the need to buy new clothes, hence heavily abusing my bank account. Tenuous?

I realise that my shopping could be seen as excessive by some but as I'm not addicted to anything else, I think it's acceptable. The only problem is that I hate shopping in busy places when people will basically wrestle clothes out of your hands and barge you out of the way. Internet shopping is my friend. I don't actually order from the internet all that often but I look online at shops first and then know what I'm looking for when I am brave enough to head into town. It stops me spending hours in there and also makes me less likely to buy random things I didn't have on my list. However, there are a few online shops that could definitely convince me to stay in and order clothes to my door...

Pretaportobello.com - This is one of my favourite online sites. I can always see something on there that I like and feel the need to save up for. I'm yet to actually buy something from there but it won't be long before I'm pulled in. I need that bag in my life.

Urban Outfitters- I know this is a high street shop but as far as I'm aware, there isn't one in Nottingham yet. I love their accessories and handbags but the shoes aren't really my thing! They're a bit big and clompy for my taste.

Another of my favourites (Yayer.co.uk) has some beautiful outfits at the moment. Stripy maxi dress and arrow necklace. LOVE.

The shopping has to take a backseat at the moment as I'm concentrating on a self improvement mission. This involves a variety of things that I've decided to do such as read more books (three new ones have just arrived in the post), watch more films (hello free lovefilm subscription), cook more (new cake tin avec mini santa and chocolate stars bought in preparation for a Christmas cake) and also just to do more things in general. I get bored if I have nothing new to accomplish so these are my mini missions for a while! I also rearranged my blog homepage when I was bored so if you've managed to navigate yourself here then hopefully it isn't too confusing...

I have been singing this song all week so I thought it was only fair that I inflict it on others.

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