Thursday, 15 March 2012

I love #9

I have to admit I've been rubbish at blogging recently. Lots of work to be getting on with so I've only really been posting when I've had something to say or a recipe to post. I'm treating this as a quick break from work before I get back on with it! I've made a V festival playlist to listen to in the background and I'm really enjoying the variety of music and hearing some of the lesser known songs from people like Emeli Sande and High Flying Birds.

I thought I'd share a secret today. My organising and planning obsession. I like being organised, having a plan and looking at things for all sorts of inspiration. Although I like planning, I do like to be spontaneous too. Some of the best things I've ever done have been completely last minute. I just think that being organised means you're always on top of things and ready for anything that comes your way. I like to find inspiration for various things in magazines and also online on Pinterest. You can have different boards to store your 'pins' so I've got boards for food, parties, style, home, places, beauty, wants and thoughts.

You know those annoying 'keep calm and...' posters which seem to be everywhere? Well, I don't post those, but I do like quotations and little slogans which are fairly similar. If that makes me sad then so be it, but it's my geeky side coming out. I love quotations from books, pictures of places to travel to and things that keep me motivated. Here are some of my pinterest 'thoughts':

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