Monday, 31 January 2011


I have made no secret of my love for Haruki Murakami's writing and I'm pretty keen to share this with as many people as I can. Click the picture above to read his short story. As you click each illustration you can read more of the story.

Get a cup of tea and have a read of something lovely x


Monday is always a hard day. Here's a few beautiful pieces of material that I am currently coveting to cheer me up:

When does Eva ever fail?!

I am actually in love with this dress.

January Jones managing to wear a beautiful print without looking like a curtain/vase/try hard.

LOVE the wishy washy print.

♥ My style love at the moment: Whitney Port. I'm longing for summertime! ♥

My style crush changes on a daily weekly basis depending on my mood/what colour hair I wish I had/the weather. Whitney is currently top of the league for her flirty girly style and impossibly wavy hair. I am sure I can find a budget version of the outfit below...

Not only does she have endless amounts of beautiful clothes but she also designs her own line. (me, not the name of the site) 

Back to teacher mode:

 Lessons to plan, lots of marking to do. I want to be uber geek and create a speaking and listening grid over half term so I can assess my classes as I go. Will this actually happen? Only time will tell.
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