Thursday, 31 March 2011

Keeping up.

Happy near Birthday to my almost two year old blog.

It's been an on and off relationship much dependent on workload/life/computer/inspiration but I've been trying to keep up with it more recently. This is partly because I'm worried that if I don't keep writing then I will lose any skill I once had, and also because I feel like I need to keep up with technology if I even stand a chance of understanding new developments! In my latest attempt at keeping my blog snazzy, I discovered that I can add stand alone pages (which basically means separate pages rather than everything on one) and so I have added personal things, fashion, music and also a share page incase anyone feels the need to share my wisdom  ramblings with the world.

I will aim to keep updating the music and fashion pages as new loves develop and old ones inevitably expire. I added a visit counter a while ago and I'm up to around 1,130 so far. Shocking. Either I have one incredibly devoted stalker or people are actually reading it.

Dear my one stalker,
Tabs for the other pages are above this post in the yellow bar. Click and it will take you there!
Big love.

p.s. I will never get over the word 'blog'. It just won't stop sounding weird.


 Katy Perry's new song E.T featuring Kanye West. Not sure what to make of the super weird video or the song itself. It's not as catchy as her other songs and the video seems to be trying incredibly hard to copy Gaga and join in with the 'kooky' look.

My opinion? Stick to the PVC and cheesy pop tunes please Mrs Brand.
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