Saturday, 12 November 2011

STYLE CRUSH #5: Caroline Flack

My latest style crush is Caroline Flack from The X Factor. She has ombre hair, a year round tan and Olly Murs on her arm. What's not to like? She tends to have the same outfit staples: a dress, ankle boots and lots of leg on show. It's simple, doesn't look too try hard but still manages to look absolutely stunning. Not only is she gorgeous but she's also hilarious and not afraid to be silly in public. This is standard requirement for me to like anyone!

In love with the giant red bag and the accompanying large glass of wine. A girl after my own heart!

Festival looks


  • the yellow kaftan (left) 
  • the tie up boots (right)
  • the aviators (below)

 Chunky boots, hand on hip and leopard print. Amaze.

And finally, I really, really want her and Olly Murs to hurry up and get married! They are so cute it's ridiculous and if anyone is going to take the Murs off the market then I think she should be the lady to do it. The only requirement is that she begs him to wear some more appropriate trousers.


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