Wednesday, 18 January 2012

After Eight

My eight favourite finds from Lavish Alice. As you might be able to tell, I love print, polka dots and patterns. All of these tops could easily be worn with skinny jeans and heels for the weekend or smartened up with a pencil skirt and black cardigan or blazer for work. Obviously the sheer red top with sparkly collar might not be quite so appropriate for work but you could put a layer under it and embrace the sparkle if you so wish!

I think if I could only buy one item then I'd have to go for the tribal shirt (top left) because it could be worn with so many things and the print isn't so stand out that it would look odd. It would be nice in summer with denim shorts and tan sandals.

I've been looking for a dropped hem skirt (like the polka dot one above) for ages! I've seen loads of people wearing them on blogs and they look really stylish but also pretty comfy to wear.

Fashion dreaming done for this evening. The blog title was also a little nod to the fact that I've been desperately craving chocolate for about two weeks now and so far I've managed to hold off, apart from the occasional biscuit.

I don't know where this picture originally came from but I do know that it looks tasty! I'm tempted to make some of these brownies as a treat...

Positive thinking

January is the worst month of the year. No one has any money, energy or organisation in their life by the time Christmas is over. Waking up in the morning and being scared to vacate the bed incase you freeze instananeously is also a worry. I refuse to let January get me down so here are a few positive pick me ups that are seeing me through:

  • The thought of my new Mulberry handbag arriving
  •  Paperchase stationary - hello pretty diaries and recipe books!
  • Pink and orange winter sunsets make the drive to work so much more pleasurable
  • The Kate Spade blog - the New Year in Antigua pictures make me envious
  • Big bubble baths full of my Christmas Molton Brown goodies.
  • Weheartit - my addiction knows no bounds. Follow me here
  • Checking out Lavish Alice for their latest clothing
  • Rewatching ALL of Desperate Housewives and watching the new episodes. Love!
  • That Friday feeling
  • Realising I've done most of my to-do list
  • Managing to figure out how to use my tiny new ipod
  • Weekends :)

 I want to be here.
 ...and I wish my hair looked like this.

 I would call him Popple.

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