Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rosy cheeks and rosewood cuffs

When I was given the chance to blog about a piece from Accessories Direct, I had quite a hard decision to make. I spent such a long time on the website trying to decide what to get but eventually plumped for this gorgeous 18CT Gold Rosewood cuff. They have so many stunning pieces of jewellery that deciding on one thing was really difficult! The cuff arrived very speedily and was very securely packaged to make sure no harm came to my new accessory. I chose the cuff because it would go with so many things in my wardrobe and the colour of the stone in the middle is one of my favourite colours. They also do it in green and black too. If I could have had all three colours then I think I would have!

Although the wood is very expensive and heavy-looking, it is actually very light to wear and the cuff is fitted enough so that it wouldn't fall off or spin round. It fits perfectly round my wrist and is really comfortable.

Cuff: Accessories Direct, Ring: H&M, Bag: Mulberry

The stone in the centre of the cuff isn't a solid red, it has a pretty sheen to it and reflects the light brilliantly. For a cuff that is priced at £73, this looks so much more expensive.

The cuff also goes well with one of my newish bags (I buy lots of them) from Stylistpick. I like picking up on little details in an outfit and then running with it. There's the gold of the bag, cuff and the rings here. Although the reds don't match exactly, I reckon I can get away with it! The rings are from H&M and I took a close up so that you can appreciate them as much as I do. Mini fox and rabbit tend to come with me everywhere nowadays.

 How I wore it: Mixed with red, navy and gold accents for evening. Today I'll be wearing it with my mulberry, a cream dress and a thick brown belt.

 Accessories Direct don't just do jewellery. The clue is in the name! They have a range of lustworthy handbags and purses too. I've got my beady eye on a few of them.

Boys, Valentine's day is coming up. You're welcome.

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