Thursday, 2 September 2010


I'm a dreamer. I can't deny it, I always will be. One of my latest wishes has been for a gorgeous holiday in a nice hotel. My friend (who is equally as dreamtastic as me) found Mr and Mrs Smith, the Boutique & Luxury Hotel Specialists. I then managed to spend a good few hours on the site looking at all the beautiful places you can visit. 

I am choosing to ignore the fact it is mostly aimed at couples. 

We have decided we are going to throw caution (and sense and money) to the wind and go to one of these hotels for a girlie weekend. Tigerlily in Edinburgh is our current choice for a weekend of pampering, shopping and dancing. There is actually a nightclub at the hotel!

Here's the description:

Edinburgh boutique hotel Tigerlily has thrown the rule book out the window, working a bright, modern and luxe theme with mosaic mirror tiles, silver, white and glass. And that’s just the reception: rooms have massive beds, the restaurant is a sprawling maze of cosy bench nooks, crystal curtains and sleek tables – and there's even a nightclub, which attracts hip-hunting barflies like moths to the flame. The coffee's pretty darn good, too…

If that doesn't show why we want to go there, perhaps this will...

Better get out the piggy bank.


Nice Boots Camp.

When this advert popped up on the tv I had a few thoughts:

1. Coleen looks amazing.
2. Those are some nice shoes.
3. Is this for a tv series?

I was pretty gutted when I realised it was an advert for Littlewoods and not a new fashion programme as I had hoped.  However, the advert has really done its job. I've gone onto the Littlewoods website for a look around. I was greeted with this...

It makes me want to get involved in the hope that I might one day look like Coleen too! The website also has an exclusive members only section which you can only access if you 'enrol'. 

Whoever came up with this knows women very well... we hate to be left out! 

That one advert has made me think about Littlewoods as somewhere I might shop (not something I would have considered before) and also somewhere to get style advice. 

Think I might enrol with Mrs Rooney. I'll have what she's having. Apart from Wayne...
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