Tuesday, 31 January 2012

You don't need no help from Suzannah or Trinny, you're tanned and you're skinny, what more do you want?

I love to pile on jewellery whenever I can and if it was acceptable then I'd wear a ring on every finger! My current favourites at the moment are two gold rings from H&M which have a little rabbit and fox on. I like to pretend they're friends. My latest jewellery search came up with a few beauties from my usual favourite jewellery shops.

Top row: Forever21
Middle row: Topshop
Bottom row: Love Hearts and Crosses

The title of the post is taken from a song I've not listened to in a while. Care 4 U is an Example song from before he became really popular and changed his sound. I heard a clip of this on a tv programme/advert (can't remember which?!) the other day so it got me back into the album. I love listening to songs when you've not heard them in ages. I know that I need it after having only a car radio and feeling like I'm forced to listen to the same three songs on a daily basis. My choice is between Chris Moyles (who I hate) or Capital FM which play the same songs on a loop (ARGH) but having said that, Radio One doesn't go far from one playlist in the mornings either. I should have asked Santa for a car CD player or Ipod hookup. Doh.

If you know of a good jewellery shop that do similar styles to the ones above then please let me know - I'm always on the lookout!


Style Crush #9: Jessica Lowndes

I can't believe I haven't blogged about Jessica Lowndes before. She's a natural beauty but also loves some bright lipstick every now and again. If I could look like anyone then it would be her. I also have total hair envy - how can I make mine that shiny?

She plays Adrianna in 90210 but I much prefer her style outside of the show. She had a bob with a heavy fringe a while back and I wasn't sure about that whole look! Anyway, here are some of my favourite pictures of her. I feel like I should make a 'look board' and put some of my style crushes in my dressing room for inspiration.

If anyone knows where I can find out how to recreate this plait then please let me know...

 Pretty in pink. A good mix of girly and tough. Those shoes are gorgeous!

 Red lipstick, sleek hair, perfect brows.

 A more casual look. Why can't everyone look this beautiful on an off day?

 My favourite look. So, so perfect. I want to BE her. Too far? Nah.

Pink lipstick and darker hair suits her too. No wonder she looks so happy with herself.

This is how I would style her.
jessica lowndes

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Style Crush #8: Clémence Poésy

The queen of barely there makeup, Clémence Poésy always looks young and fresh. Most people know her from the Harry Potter films but she has also been in Gossip Girl, In Bruges and 127 Hours. After reading an article on her in Glamour magazine today, I thought I'd share my new found appreciation for her.

Also, if you haven't seen In Bruges yet then I would strongly recommend it! Brilliant film!

I really love the messy plait and the leather. It looks like she has just stepped off a motorbike.
Love the shade of her hair in this picture.
This dress is AMAZING.
Yellow shorts make me feel all summery and those cropped trousers look super comfy.
From Glamour mag: I'm in love with the romance of this picture.

From Glamour: This is my favourite image. The flowers, the shoes, the bike ride. So beautiful.

Still managing to look effortless even with bright red lipstick.

Another dress which makes me dream of Paris.

Magazine editors always seems to dress her in romantic, pretty dresses and play on her natural beauty but she also has an edgy side when dressing herself. I wouldn't personally wear either style particularly well but I love it on her!

This is my take on her style. I thought I'd go for the tougher look but add a girly touch with the pale pink brogues. The watch is just gorgeous. How would you style her?

clemence poesy

Friday, 27 January 2012

Tag 11. Why not?

Remember when notes on facebook used to be really popular and everyone did quizzes and facts about themselves? Well, I do. Anyway, it seems to have transferred over to the blogworld and I've been tagged in a post by The Sparkling Blogette.

Normally, I wouldn't do something like this, but it made me really happy that someone would want to know things about little old me. I know my blog isn't that personal and I don't give much away but I thought I'd make an exception. It's nice for someone to ask and to appreciate my blog!

However, I am absolutely HOPELESS at listing facts about myself or sounding even slightly interesting so I'll have to skip the facts and move onto the questions.

1. Do you have a celebrity crush? I tend to change my mind quite frequently but the only one that has stood the test of time is David Beckham. He gets better with age! If we were counting personality then it would be someone like Chris O Dowd from The IT Crowd.

2. Why did you started blogging? I started blogging years ago as a way to share my thoughts without writing a new facebook status every five minutes. This way people can choose if they want to read it or not! I also really like sharing pretty things and I've been using it as a way to bookmark my favourite items and wishlists.

3. Is there a band that you like but no-one knows you like it? I like so many different kinds of music but people always seem to be surprised when I say I'm really into rock music. I know I don't look particularly 'alternative' now but I've never been one to fit with stereotypes. I don't like the idea that everyone can fit into a particular box and they're not allowed to like certain types of music. My favourite band is Incubus but I grew up listening to a mix, such as: Metallica, Slipknot, Green Day, Foo Fighters, New Found Glory and Biffy Clyro. I also love The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Motown and lots of others!

4. What’s your favourite makeup brand? Benefit. Love it! See my post here on it.

5. Are you addicted to something? No but I do get grumpy if I don't have pasta or cheese for a while!

6. Where did you go on your first holiday ever? It was probably Cornwall or Devon. The standard family holiday down south.

7. Would you like to be famous? I'd like the benefits of fame without the intrusion and difficulties. I wouldn't complain if someone wanted to give me free things and pay me a massive wage. Anyone know of a real job like that?!

8. Describe yourself in 1 word. Passionate. I think that word covers a whole variety of things and it's a better way of explaining myself than simply saying 'motivated' or 'ambitious'.

9. What’s your favourite film? There are so many but I don't think I could ever get bored of Forrest Gump.

10. Who’s your favorite blogger? Again, so many. The blogs that I read most are: Frassy, LLYMLRS, The Londoner, Mediamarmalade, Meeknmild and Loveology.

11. Do you go outside without makeup? Very rarely! Everyone needs a defence mechanism. Plus I have freckles and look about twelve with no makeup on!

So those are my answers. I don't want to tag more people because I don't want to irritate anyone (or have to think up loads of new questions.) I did enjoy answering mine though!

If anyone has any questions about me or my blog then you can always follow me on twitter and say hello!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Importance of Being Nice

There's one saying that I've always believed in and that is:

'It's nice to be important but it's important to be nice.' 

The word nice has always had a bad rap. It seems to be associated with being bland, boring and weak but since when was being a good person a bad thing?

I've had to explain to several people that just because someone is nice, it doesn't make them weak. I'm motivated, ambitious and confident but I can be friendly with it too. I don't have to rely on bringing others down to make myself feel better and I'd rather talk about whimsical things all day and night than pry into the lives of others or talk about someone.

Channel 5 broadcast a programme about bullying last night which featured Jodie Marsh. I didn't watch it but I did see the discussions on twitter and it got me thinking about how I was treated at school. It wasn't a particularly nice time and it's not something I need to go into on a blog. I hate super personal blog writing. Cringe. Anyway, as annoying as Jodie Marsh is, she still suffered badly at the hands of bullies and it's something that no one should have to go through.

I try to live by the rule that I shouldn't say something about someone if I couldn't say it to their face. Obviously I'm not an angel and everyone inevitably has a good complain sometimes but I think there's a big difference between that and being deliberately nasty. I hope that people stop seeing friendliness and honesty as a negative and begin to value it a little bit more. I'm also going to try and be a little more positive about everything because I can complain with the best of them!


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Colour pop

I know that handbags are a mystery to men. Why can't we just have one handbag that we use for everything? Well, what do they know?

River Island have some really bright bags at the moment and it's starting to make me feel ready for spring. I feel like I've worn nothing but black for the last four months so I'm ready for some colour again now. 

My favourite picks

I think my favourite out of this bunch is the greeny/blue bag in the middle column. I'm sure that could fit into my wardrobe somewhere...

Benefit beauty

My love for Benefit hasn't wavered at all since I first discovered their make up years ago. I finally found the perfect foundation to suit my skin tone and also give just the right amount of coverage. Their bronzers aren't too shimmery and their creams and potions are gorgeous. The only downside is the price. My favourite foundation is twenty five pounds which is not something I can afford to buy all that often. My trick to make it last longer is to mix the foundation with some moisturiser or some highlighter and then put it on with a brush. It means it's not too heavy on my face during the day but I can use more foundation for the evening.

I own quite a few Benefit products which I tend to match with cheaper make-up brands like Rimmel or Maybelline. Below are some of the products I've owned and what I thought of them...

1. Realness of Concealness - I was bought this mini set as a birthday present and love it. Not too sure about the lip plump as it goes on very brown and doesn't appear to make much difference to my pout. It might just be me?
2. They're Real mascara - It really does make lashes much thicker and longer but is really difficult to get off! If you're stuck in the rain and still want to look glammed up then this is perfect.
3. Playstick - I use the shade called Teaparty as my main foundation. Obsessed with it. The cute name means I never forget which shade I am!
4. Hello Flawless - this powder does what it says on the tin. I use it during summer time when my skin is less dry. It's not a particulary dry powder but I like to use a more liquid like one in winter just because it gives a bit more moisture. I use the Honey shade which is slightly warmer than my skin tone but is fine when the sun is out.
5. Girl meets pearl - This highlighter was a random splurge and it's a little too silvery for me but it does look lovely mixed with foundation.
6. It Stick - A good cover up but it is a pain to find a pencil sharpener which is the right size!
7. Erase Paste - I borrowed some from a friend once and discovered just how genius it is!You only need the tiniest blob (and I really do mean tiniest) and it covers blemishes perfectly.

And here are some Benefit goodies that I've been dying to get my hands on!

1. Hoola bronzer - I've tried this and it's perfect. I've never been able to afford it so it's been on top of my wishlist for quite a while.
2.You Rebel tinted moisturiser - Would love to give this a go in summer time.
3. The Porefessional - I've heard so many good things about this! I want to try it for myself.
4. Bad Gal Liner - I love dark eyeliner and this looks like a winner.
5. Dear John moisuriser - I'm constantly moisturising and looking out for the perfect new product. This is another one that I've heard good things about and would love to buy.

The end of the month is nearly here, but payday hasn't arrived just yet. I've reached that point where I'm scraping around for make up and feeling panicked that I will run out of my benefit foundation just before I go on a night out. However, never fear! I've spotted a giveaway on a new blog I've been reading so I thought I'd share (and try my own luck too).

Aimee from this blog is giving away some of my most wanted Benefit goodies and everyone has the opportunity to win. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time! Have a read of her blog and enter the competition if you're as obsessed as I am!

Fingers crossed everyone x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mulberry musings

Over Christmas I won a Mulberry Alexa bag and have been dreaming up outfits to wear with it ever since. I put together this outfit and have now decided I must have it in my life. 

What would you wear with a Mulberry? 


mulberry by soffiek

I was born with a reading list I will never finish.

You can now follow me on Bloglovin' if you're an avid blog reader. I would love some more followers! x

Tuesday Troubles

Tuesdays are always a struggle for me. Not far enough into the week for you to see the end but far enough in for you to be feeling tired and hating the early mornings. True to form, I sit here surrounded by work and to-do lists but have decided to blog instead. It's my little escape from real life.

I've decided that I will save money this year, despite the fact that it's going to leave me with very little spending money for nice things. I'll be thinking of ways to save money, create things and also make the most of what I already have. I'm guilty of that typical girl thing... 'I have nothing to wear!' The truth is, I have plenty to wear but that doesn't mean I want to wear it at that moment in time. If anyone knows of any good websites or blogs with some brilliant saving tips then send them my way. They would be very welcome!

In the meantime, here are a few images which are making me feel better about the whole situation:

Monday, 23 January 2012


 Great song and great video.

I went to see The Maccabees last year and they were brilliant. This is just the audio of Pelican.

Radiohead. A lifelong love.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Love Hearts and Crosses is a jewellery shop I discovered through twitter and I'm often on there scrolling through the latest pieces. They're reasonably priced and there's a good mix of simple but quirky items (such as the ones below) and cute, kitsch pieces, ranging from button bracelets to strawberry earrings. My personal taste tends to sway towards big dress pieces which will make an obvious statement but there's definitely something there for everybody. Here are the things I'm currently loving:

*This post isn't sponsored or anything like that. I just genuinely like sharing good finds! Check out the shop for prices here.


My latest addiction is Pinterest. It's a site similar to weheartit.com and tumblr where you can 'pin' particular items you like and this saves them to several 'boards' on your profile. At the moment I have boards for style, home, places, thoughts, beauty and food. I like the idea of finding things and saving them to look at later. Unfortunately, I like the thought of it so much that I now have three picture accounts for the same kind of thing!

I use Tumblr for art and literature type things but fashion inevitably creeps in.
Weheartit indulges my girlie, daydreaming side and has tons of pictures because it's so easy to 'heart' things.
Pinterest is a more grown-up version of both of these and lots of people tend to use it to get inspiration for future dreams or events. I love looking at interior design on it!

I thought I'd share some of the gorgeous pictures from my 'home' board. You know, for when I win the lottery...

You can find me on Pinterest here.
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