Thursday, 9 February 2012

Grew up at midnight

Following on from my new style crush, I had a look around for some cobalt blue dresses. Dorothy Perkins had two gorgeous blue dresses which caught my eye immediately. For some reason Dorothy Perkins is associated with older ladies and frumpy clothes. I don't know why! It has some really good pieces and I rarely fail to find something in there that I don't like. Maybe they could do with rebranding so people recognise it as a more fashionable brand. It just doesn't seem to be as obvious as other high street stores like Topshop, New Look, River Island et al. I always pop into DP when I'm in town and I got the warmest winter coat from there this year!

Current favourites are below:

I prefer the colour of the top blue dress but I prefer the style of the bottom one. I think I'd be more likely to wear the bottom one because I do love a one shouldered dress! The burgundy dress would be perfect for layering. Some thick tights, a big cardigan and a giant wooly scarf would go well with it. The clutch is there simply because it could go with so many things.

If only money grew on trees...

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