Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bag lady

To lessen the pain of not being at fashion week, I've been looking at the latest goodies on ASOS. These are my latest favourites. Can you tell I like satchels? I think my favourite of the bunch is the pale blue clutch on the bottom left. It may be £60 but it would be a good way to wear the spring pastel trend without having to dress head to toe in it. Failing that, the pale blue bag with gold bird on is only £20. I can't really justify buying a new bag at the moment seeing as I only just got my lovely little Mulberry Alexa. She will be number one for a while yet!

Fashion fix #20: Miranda Kerr in Australia

Just a quick post today. Have been very busy getting caught up on work and cooking a feast (which I will be blogging about later) so haven't had much time to ogle fashion or get too envious about NYFW and LFW. I've been trying to avoid twitter too because the pictures and excitement from other lucky bloggers (while wonderful) is also upsetting for poor little me who is stuck at home!

Miranda Kerr is my latest style crush and she has just done a catwalk show in Australia at The David Jones Autumn Winter 2012 season launch. I will be doing a more personal style post on her later but for now here are some of the pictures from her catwalk.

Above: Summery and fresh looks. You need a serious tan to pull off that shade of orange!

Here: Metallics

I love the dress to the left and the way it just floats.

 Below: Evening style - Miranda is wearing a strong feminine look but also works the androgynous suit well! Is there nothing she can't do?

Personal style: She always looks like she has just stepped out of a health spa. All glowing cheeks and wide eyes. I like how simple this outfit is. It does make me want to eat lots of sweeties though. Spring candy colours are going to make my sweet tooth go into overdrive!

Images not mine... obviously!

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