Saturday, 21 August 2010


I had a few hours to spare today so decided I would finally venture into the Oxfam Bookshop in town. I only had two pounds with me so decided I would make it my mission to find a really good book for a low price. I spent a good 45 minutes in there looking at all the books, music and collectable items. There was a Haruki Murakami collectable in there which I spent ten minutes staring at with my mouth wide open. If you haven't read Murakami then I would really recommend his books. Here's an excerpt from Norwegian Wood:

'Eighteen years have gone by, and still I can bring back every detail of that day in the meadow. Washed clean of summer's dust by days of gentle rain, the mountains wore a deep, brilliant green. The October breeze set white fronds of head-tall grasses swaying. One long streak of cloud hung pasted across a dome of frozen blue. It almost hurt to look at that faroff sky. A puff of wind swept across the meadow and through her hair before it slipped into the woods to rustle branches and send back snatches of distant barking-a hazy sound that seemed to reach us from the doorway to another world. We heard no other sounds. We met no other people. We saw only two bright, red birds leap startled from the center of the meadow and dart into the woods. As we ambled along, Naoko spoke to me of wells.'

Anyway, there I was looking through all of these books and Goodnight Mister Tom popped out at me from a shelf. Literally. I knocked it off and decided I would pick that one. So far, so good.
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