Friday, 14 December 2012

Beauty treats

Monday, 3 December 2012

Your world is the same as mine

ASOS is my go-to site when I want to have a look at accessories because it has such a range to choose from. I've gone without a watch for a few months now which has been a real struggle. I need to know the time constantly and feel completely lost without something on my wrist. The old hair bobble round the wrist isn't really a good look past the age of 14. Here are a few favourite picks from the current ASOS stock. Absolutely gutted that they appear to have sold out of the pastel coloured strap watch as I'd had my beady on that for months. That'll teach me!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

You are just another thing I've yet to fathom

Seeing as my flat appears to be the coldest place on Earth right now, I thought I'd come up with a nice warm wintery outfit to share with you. Fur and purple look really luxurious together even if the fur is fake and the purple dress is from a very purse friendly Dorothy Perkins. As a lover of all things geometric and aztec style, the gold necklace would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. It would go with everything! I've never owned anything leather before but seeing as it is mega on trend right now, I thought the gloves were a little nod to the trend without making too much of an effort. Apparently leather gloves are super warm too!

What do you think of this outfit? Are you feeling warmer now too?

Wintery reds

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Take one for the team you're a cog in the machine

It's that time of year where you have to start thinking about Christmas presents for people. November was full of birthdays (four in one weekend) and so I definitely have present wrapping skills to rival Santa's elves now. Luckily, I have a very small family and so Christmas shopping isn't too much of a hassle for me each year. Plus having a family of book and food lovers makes it very easy!

I try really hard all year to buy things I need rather than want and so when December rolls around I like being able to get something frivolous to see me into the New Year so expect to see a flurry of wishlist style posts on here until I spring into action during the January sales to pick up a bargain. 

After walking my gorgeous Stylistpick boots to death last year and trudging around in battered studded ankle boots for a few months, I'm in serious need of some boots to see me through the winter weather. Sensible brain says the £14.99 wonders from New Look for day to day but then the £65 boots from Aldo look ridiculously snuggly.

Decisions decisions...

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wu me.

I seem to be in the mood for incredibly cheesy puns this evening. Have you seen the beautiful pieces created by Jason Wu? I'm in love. Don't blame me if the same happens to you. 

If I was a creative designer type this would be the type of thing I'd love to do. The colours, the cuts and the textures are gorgeous. Let's call it ladylike with a twist. Not entirely convinced about the fishnet gloves but those can be ignored when there are big sparkly blue dresses to catch the eye.

What do you think?

Pictures taken from

Friday, 9 November 2012

I like big books and I cannot lie

Winter weekends are so appealing when you know you have nothing to do but get cosy with a cup of tea and a big cardigan wrapped around you. I quite desperately want ALL of the items from this post. The 'big books' bag is just too cute to say no to.

Winters warmers

Time to snuggle up and read a few pages of The Book Thief before a ridiculously early night. Life is good.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Is it too early to say it?

I thought I'd share a little secret with you. Well, two actually. Now don't tell anyone but I'm already excited about Christmas. That's right, I said it. I think it's totally acceptable as soon as Halloween and Bonfire night are over with. Now my second secret is a little bit more beneficial for you because it's one of my favourite websites full of goodies... is full of so many gorgeous trinkets and presents for the house that you could easily spend an hour on there scrolling through it all. It makes finding gifts much easier for those people who just don't have the time (or patience) to trawl the high street. There's nothing I hate more than a busy street in Winter full of people barging past and coughing in your face! Here are a few favourites taken from the website:

Combining two of my weird loves... teatowels and birds. Odd I know.
Everyone needs a good mug for tea in the winter.
I would put a tealight in this and have it as a cute decoration rather than drinking from it!

Beautiful world map with coloured butterflies.

Wintery glasses

If you know someone who is a bit of a homebody like me and loves to get warm and cosy in the winter with some tea and cake then definitely head to the site and see what you can find. I'd also recommend Urban Outfitters and Matalan for some pretty but quirky pieces.

Which other websites are good to buy presents from?


*This post is not sponsored. All pictures taken from

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I'm living on such sweet nothing

I can't stop listening to the new Florence and Calvin Harris song. Pretty sure I'll play it on repeat until I'm sick of it. Something in the lyrics just seems to resonate with me at the moment.

Anyway I've been a busy bee on Polyvore creating some sets of things I really, really want. I think I'm going to need to prioritise or find some much cheaper versions of the things I want.With winter creeping on us, everyone needs some warm boots so I've included some studded lovelies that should do the job. I'm also in need of some flats for work as mine have been ruined by walking through every single puddle I find. It's not big and it's not clever.

fancy feet

And then you have Topshop. I have a love/hate relationship with this shop and always have. You can find much cheaper versions elsewhere on the highstreet but they never seem to be quite of the same quality. Sometimes Topshop is filled with beautiful treasures, quirky pieces and the most lustworthy shoes. However, I've also been in a few times to discover items that only size 6 models can wear successfully. At the moment I'm fully embracing them and all of their offerings. The pieces below are taken from the American shop (dammit Polyvore, do a UK version please) but I'm pretty sure most of them will still be available in the UK. It's like someone asked me what my perfect outfits would consist of and then went and stocked it all in Topshop. I want to own ALL of the things below but I might have to find some cheaper versions or beg Santa for some epic presents this year.

Topshop wants

Can anyone direct me towards a UK version of Polyvore? Or cheap versions of the clothes above? Help a damsel in distress! x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Style Crush #18: Lauren Conrad

I've always loved Lauren Conrad's style but even more so recently. Her hair has the most gorgeous colours running through it and she is always perfectly preened. Here are a few of my favourites:

How I wish I could do a fishtail plait
Belt at the waist and killer legs on show.

I want this central outfit SO much. Plus the hair please.

Leather leggings, blouse and cute bag.

This outfit on the left is gorgeous. I need to find me a similar dress.

And now for my own little imagining of her style. I've included cheaper options aswell as the pricier things (hello super expensive leather leggings)

Lauren Conrad style

Uh oh. My urge to shop is growing...

Monday, 22 October 2012

Cosmic love

I took a giant break from blogging at the start of summer and I've decided it's time to pick it back up again. A combination of serious blog envy, the need to plan winter outfits and spare time have contributed to me coming back. In the meantime, I used my Tumblr page as a little creative outlet and had to use bookmarks to save my favourite clothes rather than posting them here. There have been a few little tweaks to my blog - hope you like them? Even though I haven't been writing my own blog, I've still been reading all my favourites and tweeting away in the background.

So what have I been up to? Well, summer was great - I had tons of fun and found the real me again. I also agreed to go to Thailand with one of my best friends so we're currently both desperately trying to save in order to go in Summer 2013. Saving means I can't go buying lots of new things but that doesn't stop me sharing them with you! If I can't buy them then I might aswell share the love.

Gothic style and dark colours have always been something I love. It probably comes from being a little bit 'alternative' as a teenager and I just don't seem to want to let go. You can click on the link below the picture and it will take you to my Polyvore account where all of the products and prices are listed. I'm a little bit in love with the Burberry coat and Charlotte Russe shoes.

Oxblood and studs

Have you ever been to Thailand? Any tips for me? I'm getting so excited already and we haven't even begun saving properly!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I kill germs like dettol

Hello ridiculous lyric title. This one is taken from one of my favourite Hadouken! songs and I thought it deserved to be broadcast haha! I've had a busy couple of weeks so thought I'd do another little instagram post and show you a snippet of my life. I didn't take photos of all the things I did because I was either attached to food/looking after my friend's excitable toddler or being drenched in the rain.

1. Homemade Raspberry Mojito which we enjoyed during the tiny window of sunshine on Saturday.
2. My view from the soft top Mazda I got to whiz around in.
3. New shoes! I've been dying to get some leopard print pumps for ages and Primark came through.
4. I danced in the rain and loved every second of it.
5. KFC trip. Fillet tower burger please. I only really want the hash brown.
6. I NEED the S mug in my life.
7. A pretty plate. Too pretty for eating from.
8. Can't beat a Moomin.
9. Posing it up in my parka (another little Primark treat) before the rain got seriously heavy.

1. Sunshine fun times.
2. Outfit of the day - aztec prints and denim are my new love.
3. A little freebie from What's In My Handbag - loved the personalised touch.
4. Fur lined booties I bought from Stylistpick in the winter - had to dig them back out!
5.The two tiny rings are a present to myself from Dixi (search them online) - too cute.
6. Dry conditioner (I didn't know it existed) from WIMH. Yet to try it though!
7. Piggy bank. Could do with feeding him soon.
8. I watched The Beach again recently. Forgot how gory it is at times. Eek!
9. More goodies - this time from a lovely lady on twitter.

So those are a few things I've been up to recently. I even dared to put my face in one picture despite my ever-growing paranoia about the online world! I blogged about starting up running recently (which I actually managed AND enjoyed) but the rain set in and gave me a good excuse to avoid it again. Hurry back sunshine, we miss you!

Monday, 25 June 2012

A hole in my soul

Don't worry about the dramatic post title - it's from one of my current favourite songs. My friend Maria sent it to me via Spotify and I've listened to it non-stop ever since. It's called Flaws by Bastille and I can't get enough of it right now. It does seem to suit my mood too actually. If the lead singer could just sing this to me then I think I would die a little. I'm an absolute sucker for a man with a beautiful voice.

I'm actually considering a summer full of festivals. Well, three to be exact. I'm volunteering at Strawberry Fields Festival and then I'm off to V the week after. I'm also considering going to Y Not in Matlock because the line up looks brilliant and I'm really keen to have a fun packed summer time.

Here's what is filling my headspace at the moment...

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