Wednesday, 9 November 2011


It's that time of year when men get an excuse to look like idiots and women feel an overwhelming urge to tell every passer by that you are not dating a man with a Hulk Hogan obsession. Despite the embarrassing various facial hair arrangements, Movember is for a good cause and that shouldn't be forgotten in all the tache excitement.

Movember might only be for one month but there is actually a World Beard and Moustache Championship which involves much more commitment. I kid you not. There are even categories, including 'Imperial Moustache' and 'Sideburns Freestyle'.

Here are a few impressive/scary/itchy looking moustaches:

 I think it may also be a requirement to have a quizzical look on your face at all times.

If you fancy a look at more moustaches, see the Movember website and click 'Mo Photos'

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