Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dissolve me

Sometimes Twitter comes up with gems by total chance. I often get followed by companies just looking for a follow back but Dotcomgiftshop caught my eye and pulled me in! Full of vintage style homeware and little gifts, it is the perfect place to buy presents for others. I adore the elephant egg cup (below) and would easily be able to find a space for all of these things in my tiny, ever so cluttered flat.

Only a very short post today as I am exhausted after the first week back at work and thinking about putting some new things into motion. Seeing as my blogging is a little sporadic at the moment, here are some others that I go back to time and time again. In fact, I think I might need some kind of treatment for my addiction to Rose's recipes on The Londoner.

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere A lifestyle blog written by Emily Schuman. She always seems to be creating something new or taking pictures of beautiful little decorations.
  • The Londoner Rose's writing puts most bloggers to shame, particularly holidays posts when she describes scenery in such detail. The pictures (and her entire life) are just fascinating. Oh and did I mention the FOOD?
  • Ring my Bell If you watch Revenge then you'll recognise Ashley from there. Her blog is packed with outfit posts, sunny weather and model style poses. Love it!
  • Marieloves Wavy hair and tons of beauty products? Yup. Great for girlie girls who like to keep up with beauty tricks and fashion pieces.
  • Shewearsfashion Yet another serious beauty who gives me leg envy, Kavita has a really quirky style and seems so sweet through her writing. She also has a little shop selling vintage goods.

Happy reading x

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