Thursday, 22 December 2011

Blog: Still a weird word.

Two and a half years of blogging. I remember starting my blog as a way to share thoughts with friends and as a space to write without having to add a new facebook status every five minutes. I've ended up writing about lots of different things and it's nice to refer back and see what I was thinking a few years ago. Blogging has seen a sudden popularity increase recently and there are blogs for everything, including fashion, cooking, crafts and general ramblings.

A few of my blog favourites this year:

Temporary:Secretary - Recently won the Look Blogging Award and it was fully deserved! I've been reading for ages so I'm glad this was the winner. Full of fashion, jewellery and gorgeous pictures.which give an insight into her life. I love the way she puts her outfits together.

The Londoner - Rose's blog is a mixture of delicious recipes, restaurant reviews, fashion and lifestyle and beautifully composed photos. I've made so many of her recipes now that I have her to thank for getting me into cooking! One warning comes with this blog: You will want her life!

Le Fashion - Full of inspiration and outfit photos, this blog is just beautiful to look at.

Loveology - Packed with bright colour, texture and interior design ideas. This really makes me want to get back into arty things. I could look at this blog all day.

The Clothes Horse - Described as an 'artistic personal style blog', this includes magazine features, reviews, illustrations and outfit posts. A good mix of everything!

WIMH - What's In My Handbag is a new website with blog which works on the idea that you get a sneak peek into bags owned by others and you can select the items if you like them. The blog covers a variety of beauty related things and always gives me inspiration! They're also giving away a Mulberry Alexa bag for Christmas (which I blogged about here) so don't waste any time... get on board.

Now, I read a lot of blogs. These are just a few of the fashion/lifestyle type ones but I read a selection and I use Bloglovin to store my favourites. You don't have to have your own blog to do this. You can just sign up (which can be done through facebook) and then you select the type of things you want to read about. You click follow on each blog and then you have a list of blogs to scroll through and look at each time they update. It doesn't just have to be a 'girl thing' to read blogs, there are plenty of ones that appeal to guys too!

I read blogs to keep up with trends and also to get inspiration for things in general. I love reading and would read the back of a cereal packet if it was the only thing around! I need my daily intake of information, whether it be trivial or not, just to keep my brain going. Having said that, I have three books infront of me which need reading. Time to put the computer down for a while...

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