Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Style crush #16 Diana Agron

I do not watch Glee. I hate anything with a musical type element to it and so there is nothing less appealing to me than that programme. I know it has a massive following and people love it, but it's just not for me. Anyway, I saw a picture of Diana Agron floating around and decided she was to be my latest style crush (despite the Glee thing) and so here we are. I've mainly concentrated on dresses as there aren't many pictures of her day to day style. The black and white picture below is just gorgeous!

Love the detail on the front of the dress and the red lipstick combo

Pretty in pink

Loose curls and natural make up. Definitely my favourite look.
What do you think of Diana Agron? Have I misjudged Glee?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Such great heights

For most people Sunday is a relaxing day consisting of nothing more taxing than eating a gigantic roast dinner and possibly getting dressed at some point. For a teacher a Sunday is mainly full of marking, lesson planning and anxiety. Getting to sleep on a Sunday night is very difficult when you have a head full of to-do lists and exam worry. My remedy is normally lots of pampering, chilled music and some good thoughts. As cheesy as it sounds, I love looking at 'inspiration' type boards and pretty pictures just to make me think about things other than work. Here are a few current favourites:

I want to be this girl, in this place.

Want to do this.

I also want to be here please.
(Images from

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Listening to #18

I haven't posted what I've been listening to for a while so here we go! These tracks are ones I've listening to recently, so not old favourites as such. I think most people are fairly aware that my love for Incubus is neverending (hence the blog title).

Band of Skulls - I know what I am

The Joy Formidable - Whirring

Not only is the song great but the video is gorgeous and arty. I want to disappear into a trunk and find a new world below! The video makes me want to start painting again. Maybe during summer time.

Emeli Sande - Where I Sleep

Her album is just beautiful and her voice speaks for itself. Can't stop listening to this.

Death by diamonds and pearls

I've had a great day scanning the shops and trying on things I couldn't possibly afford. Not only that, but I also discovered a 'Happy Egg' restaurant! You know the happy eggs you can buy? Well they made a restaurant which sells omelettes, pancakes etc and it is IMMENSE. I had a chorizo and mozzarella omelette with salad but was so tempted to have waffles with ice cream on afterwards. I managed to restrain myself somehow. I was also restrained with the shopping (partly being sensible but mainly because I can't afford to spend tons) and I only bought two cheap pairs of shoes from Primark.

We spent plenty of time in House of Fraser covering ourselves in perfumes and swooning over the Nails Inc manicure bar. I could spend hours in that shop. I also got plenty of satisfaction from walking around the expensive bags and knowing that my lovely little Mulberry (which I won) was more expensive than all of them. 

After dragging ourselves back from town, we equipped ourselves with pizza and ice cream (strawberry cheesecake of course) and scoffed our way through a film and The Voice. I don't even really enjoy The Voice anymore but I think I watch it so that I know what people are talking about. Does anyone else do that? Weird. Anyway, here are a few ASOS loves...

I really want some new jewellery and bits and pieces for summer. I'm being drawn to all things gold, aztec style and studs or spikes. Nearly every piece of clothing I picked up today had studs on it! I'm worried that I'm going to end up dressing like Rihanna at this rate! Zara has some gorgeous yet subtle stud work on their tops at the moment if you fancy trying the stud trend but not going all out.

Oh and one little apology too. I've been a lazy blogger recently and have only just started regular posts again. I'll try and keep it up as much as possible because I know that some people do like to read my humble little blog. I really appreciate that! Thank youuuu :)

Are there any posts you would like me to do more of/less of? Any new things I should talk about?

Friday, 18 May 2012

Too close

Two posts in one day. Can you tell I should be doing something much more boring? It's my birthday in two months so I'm thinking of saving up and treating myself to one of the beautiful Zara items below. The main problem is that I can't choose which one I should buy! If I was being sensible then I'd go for the big brown bag or the dark coloured sandals but the bright, sparkly person inside me wants the red shoes or the lemon bag. The rest of my life is painfully simple at the moment so I'm pretty glad that my hardest decision is a fashion based one!

Which one would you go for?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Take a walk

I've managed to survive the week... just. After three days of feeling like death I have come out of the other side just in time for the weekend! Plenty of cleaning and marking awaits but I'm going to mix it with a fair amount of window shopping, film watching and spending time with the lovely Tait. By window shopping, I mean trying on all of the most expensive dresses and pretending that I will one day by able to buy one! It can't hurt can it?

Thought I'd share some recent bits and pieces that I've been after. I think the pastel sandals will HAVE to form part of my summer wardrobe. They look almost identical to pair on ASOS. You will find me rummaging in the local Primark soon. True story.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Style Crush #15: Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Haven't written a style crush post in a while so thought I'd get my act together and sort one out! I also need some superficial escapism and so that's where this blog comes in handy. Style crush this time is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I think it may be a case of me actually wanting to be her rather than just wanting her style this time... can you blame me?

Bouncy hair, big brows, dark lipstick and tattoo. Perfection!

Love the colour of this dress. Not so sure on the swishy bottom half - I would fall over!

I need to own this leopard print clutch.


I like how this outfit is different from the typical model type attire. Those shoes are beautiful.

That's all I can face writing/uploading tonight. So tired!


Monday, 7 May 2012

Photoshop handsome

Bank holiday weekends are fun! After a lazy couple of days, I went out last night to celebrate a friend's birthday and had a great time. The birthday girl was wearing not only some gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell Litas (which every girl in the blogger world wants) but she was also sporting some beautiful jewellery from Galibardy. I decided to have a quick look online and here are a few of my favourite finds. I could have chosen hundreds of things from Topshop but I narrowed it down to a few.

The top half of the picture below contains items from Topshop and the bottom half (from the purses down) has Galibardy pieces. Ahhh I want it all! I realised yesterday that it's my birthday in two months (eek) so I've got a good reason to look around at pretty things.

I've spent today making blueberry cupcakes, reading my latest book and catching up on Desperate Housewives. I definitely think a three day weekend is the way forward. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Waiting on the world to change

I posted earlier today about my film marathon and it is now complete. I can reveal the geeky truth... I was watching the final two Harry Potter films! I have wanted to watch them for a long time and no one has ever committed to a full HP marathon with me so I thought I'd just do it on my own. Equipped with strawberries and chocolate, I settled down in my duvet and have only just resurfaced. I'm impressed that I managed to go this long without anyone telling me what happened!

Anyway, here are a few little bits and pieces I've been adoring recently on Polyvore. Of course I can't buy any of them just now but I can have these boards as a little inspiration for a time in the (very distant) future when I do have some money to burn. I think you can probably click through to get to my Polyvore profile too if you're interested in seeing the other things I've been looking at.

plum by soffiek featuring a yellow shirt
Mulberry musings 2


Cute by soffiek featuring nude flats

The beauty of what was, what is, and what won't be.

I hope everyone is as excited about the long weekend as I am! Not that I'm doing anything exciting or glamorous but I'm looking forward to it all the same. You might think that today would be a bad day (as I've just had to fork out hundreds of pounds to fix my car) but no! I'm home, tucked under two duvets and ready to begin a film marathon. I would tell you which films but I'm keeping that under wraps until I've seen them. Don't want anyone to spoil the ending for me! I'm surrounded by strawberries and posh chocolate and I definitely can't see myself moving anytime soon.

A few things that are making me happy at the moment:

♥ Friends - of course they're top of the list! After an awesome weekend in Cardiff with some of the best people I know, I'm feeling more much positive about things. I'm so glad that we're all still close after so many years. Long may it continue! 

♥ Strawberries - I got three large punnets for £2 from the fruit stall. Bargain!

♥ Eton Mess chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. The lovely Louise gave us some goodies and I'm saving the Eton Mess until last - it looks AMAZING.

♥ The periwinkle nail varnish which I'm currently sporting. I've haven't really worn nail varnish recently as I've been feeling all down and rubbish but this colour has made me feel pretty again!

♥ Skinny Spaghetti dreamed up by the lovely Rose at The Londoner. I am an absolute pasta addict and really thought there was nothing which could change my ways. I came home one day wishing I could eat pasta but not feel bloated and horrible afterwards, went to check Rose's blog (which appears to be my new addiction) and there was this amazing recipe. It's simple, cheap and healthy - perfect.

♥ The Beyonce End of Time remix by Jimek - cannot stop playing it. Clip from Youtube - it appears to be full of lots of pictures of Jimek (the producer) but I can't complain. He's quite easy on the eye!

♥ Early mornings and sunny days. Maybe an odd one considering the weather we've had recently but I was up early today to sort my car out and the sunshine was exactly what I needed. It'll probably rain by the time I post this though!

Right, time for the film marathon to begin. Geek time!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Film Friday

Please forgive me for a rushed post. It's Friday and my brain is barely working. Just wanted to share what I've been watching recently.

Requiem For a Dream 

This film has to be one of the most disturbing I've ever seen. It covers addiction in many guises and looks at the inevitable destruction it causes as it takes control. I ended up watching this because I was scrolling through the IMDB top 250 and this was the first one I hadn't seen. Definitely not a film for the faint hearted. I enjoyed it and the clear anti-drugs message that it gives but perhaps I should have watched it with someone else as I was a little scared of my fridge for a while. All will be explained when you watch it for yourself...

Oh, it's not all in black and white by the way. Just the picture I chose!

Blue Valentine

This is as romantic as I'm prepared to go at the moment (i.e. not very). Don't be fooled by the presence of the beautiful Ryan Gosling; Blue Valentine isn't a film about perfect endings and romance. It shows the troubles within a deeply fractured relationship and how things can go so quickly from seemingly perfect to completely broken. The flashbacks to younger days (seen in the picture above) are cute and did make me feel a little emotional but the main plot follows Gosling and Williams as they are married with child and wondering whether they should stay together. The deterioration of the relationship over time is truly sad, especially when the hard times are cleverly interspersed with the early days between them. I think Blue Valentine has a good mix of sadness, humour and just enough raw emotion to make you think about it afterwards. I really enjoyed watching this. Films which make me wonder what I should be thinking are always good in my opinion.

Note: I am not a film reviewer, I am merely writing my brief opinion on things I've seen when I've been lazing around. Don't judge me!

Any good films you could suggest? (Apart from horrors urgh)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sweetest downfall

Still not back to full blogging mode but trying my best to keep it up. It seems that I've been feeling particularly dark recently judging by my book and film choices so it only makes sense for my fashion choices to go the same way. I feel like I want to dress in black and studs everyday. Maybe I should become a goth?

Anyway, the shoes below are all from Missguided - my new favourite online shoe shop. I am SO in love with the pair on the bottom right that I am seriously considering buying them in a few months. Possibly a bad idea considering I am the clumsiest person in the world! Devil on my shoulder says 'buy theeeem, you only live once' and the angel says 'no, you must eat and not spend your pennies on shoes which you will wear a few times a year!' - fair point.

Maybe I'll just look then.

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