Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I'm that annoying girl that always has to borrow eyeliner. I haven't managed to find one that is dark enough or precise enough so always end up using make up from a friend instead of my liquid eyeliner. Eyeko is a new brand that I haven't seen before but I'm glad I found it! It's the first time I've owned an eyeliner that is dark enough to create an effect but also soft enough to wear at daytime. It's £9.50 on the website and comes in six different colours.

While I'm talking about make up, I thought I'd share a few things I've been looking at:

Topshop lipstick - every colour please!

Nails Inc - Belgrave Place. A gorgeous blue that I need in my life.

I have three different perfumes that I wear depending on my mood. Marc Jacobs 'Lola', Vera Wang 'Princess' and Beyonce 'Heat.

This is the newest version of Lola and it looks so cute and girly! Perfect for approaching springtime.


What's In My Handbag is a new start up that I've blogged about before. Oh, and I'm not sure I've raved about it enough but... I won a Mulberry Alexa from them too!

It's free to join, there's nothing to buy or any hassle and the idea behind the site is explained in my previous blog and here. It allows you to indulge your nosy side and also to stock an online beauty cabinet full of things you would like. They are also going to start sending out samples and even full sized products. What are you waiting for?

If you want to join then follow this link to become a member and have a peek into some envy inducing handbags!


Oh Hello David Beckham!

Just incase you needed yet another reason to shop at H&M. 

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