Wednesday, 2 February 2011


She started off as a young girl singing Pon de Replay, looking like all the other pop stars out there, but over the last few years Rihanna has marked herself out as a more individual artist, fashion icon and all round superwoman. She can do no wrong in my eyes! Don't get me started on the Chris Brown incident.

There's been all sorts of controversy about her newest single, S&M, due to it being too raunchy with lots of nudity (I'm sure that's obvious from the title). Her current album LOUD is being played on my speakers on a daily basis and I have to say, I do admire the risks she takes and the beautiful clothes she gets to wear.

If you click on each picture you will be linked to one of my favourite Rihanna songs. Aren't I nice?*
*Nice but not technologically skilled. A few links work, a few don't. Will figure this out later!

 I could spend all day uploading photos but I think I should stop there. Love the red hair, the short hair, the waves, the feathers, the bright lips, giant eyelashes, the straps, the leopard print. If I was daring enough I would embrace all of those things although I think I might get some funny looks on the street.

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