Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Big Jumps.

 It's nearly summer and I'm definitely ready for the break now. I thought I'd share what has been getting me through the last few tiring weeks. Enjoy x

This blog - I don't know her name but I love her style and the way she puts clothes together. If I was brave enough then I would totally copy that hair and adorn myself with hundreds of rings!

Love Hearts and Crosses Jewellery because there are so many things I love on the site that I can never choose just one thing to buy! I end up spending ages looking and never make a decision. Vintage style necklaces and chunky stone rings are definitely on my wish list.

The Apprentice. Comedy gold. 

My personal favourite quote being: 

"It's very difficult to push treacle up a hill."


Mini soundtrack of my week

Thoughts of summer...

Pictures taken from we heart it. I only wish I could take pictures like that!

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Urban Outfitters

River Island



Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Festival frenzy

So far I have no festival tickets for this summer. It's causing me a fair amount of distress because I just can't stand missing out on sunshine, strawberry cider and live music. I want to whip my pink wellies out again and go exploring! 

Some memories from last summer:

I've been looking around at festivals and managed to find a total gem! It's local, it's cheap and it has some great acts! Not to mention it has a yummy sounding name. Strawberry Fields Festival is located in Leicestershire (local so minimising hungover travelling) and covers every taste - from Kelis to Jaguar Skills to the acoustic sessions held in a stone circle. Yes, that's right, STONE CIRCLE! Immense. They also have a silent disco. If you haven't experienced the magic of a silent disco before then you are seriously missing out. With headphones you are belting out the tunes, getting out your best air guitar and having a great time. Without headphones you get to laugh at all of the people in a silent tent who are whining and dancing around like maniacs. Very surreal yet incredibly entertaining.

I can already picture myself wandering around with a face painted like a tiger, lapping up the sunshine and taking hundreds of pictures. Just need to wait for pay day so I can get the ticket... maybe telling everyone else about it was a bad idea. Buy tickets - just leave two for me please! 

As I'm getting in the festival mood, I thought I'd share some music from the acts at Strawberry Fields Festival. Enjoy x

Eclectic, exciting and eveeerr so soon!!!

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