Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Style crush #11: Millie Mackintosh

Made in Chelsea is a 'reality' programme mainly featuring rich people and their minor dramas. I use the word reality in the loosest sense because it has obviously been completely set up and yes, it may not be scripted, but it's very clear that certain situations are very heavily manipulated. That said, I do enjoy watching it to see how these people live. It mainly features them saying "I'm bored... shall we go on holiday darling?" and off they go to Marrakesh or Iceland.

My post today is about Millie Mackintosh. She's a makeup artist by trade so always look immaculately made up and glowing. I didn't really pay much attention to her style until recently when she wore a black lace top coupled with an incredible tan and then I began to look at her others outfits more closely. Yes, she has lots of money and undoubtedly there are brands sending her things to wear but I think that it would be easy to copy her style if you looked around carefully. She wears very simple outfits and there must be some good high street versions out there! She does also rewear items - a very rare trait in the rich and famous.

Serious clutch and shoe envy!

Gorgeous cream shoes again with cobalt blue dress.
Here's the sparkly clutch again. Love those shoes.
She's wearing the shoes again! Still got the enviable pins out too.
Good colour match with the lipstick and dress. Effortless.

I think I'll be on the lookout for a cobalt blue dress, beige heels and also some black open toe platforms. The perfect legs might take a bit more work!

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