Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I love nail art but only on short nails. Maybe that's strange but I think it looks a little scary on long talons. I've had a go at some nail art on my own nails but it took so long and I don't think I'd have the patience to do that all of the time. It was a dark and light blue version of these:

The idea was that they were supposed to look Christmassy and as though snow was falling in the sky. Here was my attempt:

It was so hard to get the blobs to be perfect circles because I didn't have a specific nail art type pen to do it with. I'm also not very patient so I kept smudging them by accident because I couldn't wait long enough!

I painted a base coat onto fake nails first and then when they were dry I added the lighter blue blobs. Once they were stuck on, they were really hard to budge and a week later it hurt to get them off! If you're looking for strong fake nails then I used Nailene Full Cover 200 nails and I filed them down. I can't do anything with long nails so it was necessary.

If I was going to do them again then I'd definitely buy some nail art stuff to do it with so that it looks a bit more professional.

Here are some much better examples of nail art. I love the red and white snowflake ones! 


Christmas boredom has meant that I've been looking at lots of blogs and fashion images. I've picked a few of my favourites to share. I had never really thought about the type of clothes I was attracted to before but there seems to be a trend here. Most of the clothes I'm drawn to are simple with a twist. I like quirky, but not too quirky. I like expensive looking, but not overdone. Oh, and the bottom photo? That's going to be my life one day.

Images taken from Studded Hearts (all sources on her blog)

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