Saturday, 2 February 2013


I'm a creature of habit. Just like my dad, I always park in the same parking space and I like what I know. That also applies to the clothes I wear. Black always seems to be my go-to shade and I wear it in some form every day. I suppose it suggests that I'm not very adventurous but then if it ain't broke...

On my quest for a new outfit I found myself in River Island yesterday. The stock varies in RI quite massively and sometimes I wouldn't wear anything in there but then there are other times when I could buy everything I see! Yesterday was one of those days. Luckily, I managed to settle on a top and skirt combination in my trusty black and left the shop feeling pretty smug with myself.

My evening consisted of dancing, cocktails and good friends. I'll be following that up today with more of the same with an added Mexican meal thrown into the mix. Now that February has rolled around I suppose it is time for me to get ill so I've been suffering with a terribly sore throat since Friday. Honey and lemon it is! If you know any other remedies please let me know. I want to be better by this evening.

No more shopping for a while so I thought it would only be fair to share the RI love. Look at all the colour thrown in just for you!

The black dress with cut out shoulders is something I'd wear again and again. Showing a tiny bit of flesh is much better than having it all out on show. Pair the dress with the cream and black heels and you have an instant outfit.

The yellow summer dress is just very cute and would go nicely with some brown sandals and the anklets (next to it). I'd add a black blazer and heels for evening time. Same applies to the beige coloured patterned dress.

You may have noticed there are two of the same top on here. Floral peplum tops can be worn dressed up at night or to work with a pencil skirt. They also both have a really pretty low back.

Then we have another black dress. Told you I like it! It would look good with bright heels and a clutch just to keep it interesting. I'd add quirky gold jewellery (like the swirly ring next to it) and a statement necklace.

On the bottom row it gets a little more girlie. The white embellished top looks gorgeous although I'm not sure it would suit me. I can imagine it looking beautiful on another girl though! Same applies to the pink skirt. Girlie just doesn't suit everyone!

It's time for me to settle down and watch the end of the rugby with some soup and buttery bread. Happy weekend!

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