Sunday, 24 June 2012

One More Time With Feeling

I've spent the first half of today moaning about the lack of roast dinner delivery services. I know Toby Carvery do a take away one but that's not good enough when I want to stay in my pyjamas and have good food delivered to me! Surely I'm not the only person that has had this thought?! Anyway, all has been resolved as I found a cottage pie in my freezer and I'm now a happy girl again.

I thought I'd get in on the Instagram blog post thing just to share some personal things without being too personal. So here are some snippets from my fairly mundane and unglamorous life:
1. Skinny spaghetti disguised as real pasta. It's actually white cabbage but tastes exactly the same as tagliatelle when mixed with the bolognese style sauce. I've been eating lots of this recently in a bid to shape up and avoid real pasta. The recipe can be found on The Londoner's blog post here.

2. My running shoes. In a further attempt to get fit I've decided to take up jogging and long walks. I have a dodgy knee so I'm not doing full on running yet, but I hope to get there eventually! I've done two jogs and a 5k walk this week. Hoping I can keep it up and develop a habit.

3. Mini cream cake which was a little treat. I actually had it ready for a friend to visit but seeing as I was cancelled on twice, I decided I'd eat the food myself. Silver linings eh?

4. I got a package of three moisturisers from a lovely lady on twitter. She was giving them away for free and only asked for postage. She even included a really sweet note with it. It has restored my faith in human kindness.

5.The standard tea picture. I also made sure to get my coaster in there as it was a present from my best friend and cheers me up every time I look at it. 

6. I went for a meal with Emma a few weekends ago and the pub had giant shelves of books and big mahogany furniture. I had to take a picture!

7. New jewellery which I got for £1 each in the sale. I can never have too many rings.

8. American Hot Leggera from Pizza Express. We went out for a big meal and I was in desperate need of some salad after my time in London for the Jubilee. This was just the right amount of pizza and greens. 

9. This is actually a photo from quite a while ago when I went to see Incubus. The venue was actually pretty quiet in comparison to past years but that didn't take away from the performance; it definitely took me back to my teenage years.

Time to get back to reality and sit down with some marking. The last couple of weeks have been exhausting and I still don't feel caught up or prepared. Not long now until the summer holidays when I have plenty of fun things planned. My birthday is happening next month (no matter how much I try to ignore it) and so I'm off to see some of my friends and then pay a visit to the parents just to remind them how amazing their first born is!
What do you think of the Instagram post? Should I continue with them?

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