Friday, 12 August 2011

Glitter and Trauma

Here are a few things I'm currently loving and thought I'd share...

1. My new car! Can't wait to whiz around in it! Any ideas for new car nicknames?

2. Jessie J's new song 'Who's laughing now?' - Great song, great video, great message.

3. One Day coming out at the cinema. I read the book recently and loved it although the trailer seems to focus mostly on the romantic aspects of it so I guess I'll see how different it is!

4. My number four is a blog written by a girl I know called Rose. Not only is she a fantastic photographer, cook and blogger but she is also ridiculously beautiful. Her recent post about the London riots really gets across everything I would want to say so I thought I might aswell just point you in her direction as she has it all covered! Go and check out The Londoner

5. Strawberry Fields Festival! I have blogged about this before but it's getting closer now and excitement levels are on the increase! Any festival that has a sound system made out of a boat gets the thumbs up from me! Can't wait! 

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