Sunday, 29 January 2012

Style Crush #8: Clémence Poésy

The queen of barely there makeup, Clémence Poésy always looks young and fresh. Most people know her from the Harry Potter films but she has also been in Gossip Girl, In Bruges and 127 Hours. After reading an article on her in Glamour magazine today, I thought I'd share my new found appreciation for her.

Also, if you haven't seen In Bruges yet then I would strongly recommend it! Brilliant film!

I really love the messy plait and the leather. It looks like she has just stepped off a motorbike.
Love the shade of her hair in this picture.
This dress is AMAZING.
Yellow shorts make me feel all summery and those cropped trousers look super comfy.
From Glamour mag: I'm in love with the romance of this picture.

From Glamour: This is my favourite image. The flowers, the shoes, the bike ride. So beautiful.

Still managing to look effortless even with bright red lipstick.

Another dress which makes me dream of Paris.

Magazine editors always seems to dress her in romantic, pretty dresses and play on her natural beauty but she also has an edgy side when dressing herself. I wouldn't personally wear either style particularly well but I love it on her!

This is my take on her style. I thought I'd go for the tougher look but add a girly touch with the pale pink brogues. The watch is just gorgeous. How would you style her?

clemence poesy

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