Friday, 7 October 2011


Friday has finally arrived. I've had a busy week and last weekend was so hectic and fun that I've only just caught up with myself again. Two nights out in row... what a rockstar. London was immense. Great to meet new people, catch up with some of my favourites and also meet up with some old friends too. It felt like being back at uni with sleepovers and bacon sandwiches in the morning. I'm really looking forward to a quiet weekend all by myself now though!

I only realised a few days ago that Facebook shares what music you're listening to now. Odd! I guess that means that everyone can see that I have Ed Sheeran on a constant loop and my obsession is out in the open. I cant help it but I am in love with his album. It actually surprises me that a man could write lyrics like that. He's romantic and cute without being whiny. James Blunt and Bruno Mars etc really grate on me but Ed Sheeran is different for some reason. It could be because he has the ginger factor! He looks like he would never deliberately upset someone!

The only time I don't like music on a loop is when I'm put on a hold to a company when they are charging me five pounds a minute. Especially when their playlist seems to consist of Cher Lloyd and One Direction. I seem to get increasingly angrier as time goes on and each time Cher mentions her 'swagger jagger' the more likely I am to give the person a mouthful when they finally answer the phone!

While I'm on about complaining I'll mention my Royal Mail rant. To make a long story short, my postman is rubbish, post isn't being delivered and there was trouble getting a package to my house. I moaned on twitter about Royal Mail (after trying the website and several phone lines) and they replied immediately, gave me a reference number and after a few emails they sorted the whole thing for me. Will definitely be using twitter in future to get through to companies!

When I'm not talking (which is often) then I'm looking at pictures. Here's my tumblr link.
Less words, more pretties.

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