Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekend wishes

It's official. I love London.

Had a great weekend catching up with some old friends who I haven't seen for far too long! I didn't get lost in London (as many thought I would) and I also managed to keep within my budget of £100 for the whole weekend (only just.) It goes to show that I can actually be better with money if I try. Just got to keep it up for the rest of 2011 now!

While I was in London I did have to battle against my shopping brain and stay away from anything that could tempt me. So everything then...

A two and a half hour train journey is a long time for me to daydream about new things to save up for. Now I know I don't 'need' these things, but when did that ever stop me?!

First on the list:
Katy Perry has just launched her new perfume 'Purr'. I love her style and everything about her so I hope it's not just another celebrity perfume which smells awful. She describes it as 'me in a bottle' and goes on to say:

“Purr is a natural extension of who I am as a woman - it's a gorgeous blend of all my favourite scents and embodies my style, my tastes and my love for all things incredibly cute. It is an absolutely purrfect perfume that I hope leaves you meowing with delight!..."

Perhaps a slightly cheesy recommendation but if it's made by Katy Perry then it can't be bad (plus I do like the funky bottle). Might be tempted to give it a try...

Love that dress!

Perfume campaign
Leading on from one amazing pair of shoes to another... Kurt Geiger still have plenty of shoes in the sale and I have been staring longingly at them for quite some time. Have a look at these beauties:

£79 shoes that go with everything!
£69 would look funky with some muted tones

One thing I was reminded of this weekend... how incredibly pale I am! I recently decided wearing bronzer is a bit difficult for me as it tends to just make my skin look dirty or unevenly shaded so I've been sticking to foundation and blusher to keep it more natural (if slightly ghostly). 

The evidence - I'm the brunette
So I've been looking at make up that will look more natural on me and a few people have recommended the Dainty Doll range which was created by Nicola from Girls Aloud. 

I'm considering it but I'm still not quite ready to accept that I am THAT pale. We'll see...

 Next on the wishlist:

Back to my failsafe shop: ASOS. 

Motel £38

 Love this cut of these motel dresses. I have two already with different patterns and the floral pattern on this dress is beautiful. YUM.

Mango £89.90
I always seem to like Mango dresses and this one can be worn for so many different occasions. I love the subtle change in colour along the bottom of the dress.

Enough daydreaming for now. Monday tomorrow, back to reality!

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