Sunday, 16 October 2011


I get so excited about the seasons changing. I can't believe it's October and the days are so sunny and crisp. I'm sure that this time last year it was freezing and there was even some snow? Despite driving the wrong way down the M1 for the best part of an hour, I was loving the sunshine and actually didn't mind the fact that my satnav had decided it wanted to go to Leeds instead. It was only supposed to be a forty minute drive but who cares if you get a little bit lost on a sunny Sunday?

I drove to see my parents for a catch up and a giant roast dinner, courtesy of my amazing mum. She even made two different types of potato. I was in potato heaven! The long detour took place after I had been fed my weight in potato and chocolate cake so I will blame the food for my not entirely functioning brain.

One of my favourite things about the approaching winter time are the sunsets. The sky seems to be a different shade each night and I don't think I'll ever get bored of watching the sun melt into the clouds. I'm in a reflective mood today but as I'm not keen on the public overshare via a blog, here are some pictures: 

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