Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dress to impress: Next

Just a quick post after doing my daily pretend online shop. If I actually bought all of the things that I wanted then I would be in some serious debt! Luckily I'm quite restrained and will only buy something if I keep thinking about it and know that it will definitely get lots of use. I use my blog to kind of bookmark things I've seen and then if I'm looking for something similar I can just look back through things I've already seen.

My favourite five from Next at the moment are all dresses. I really like the tea dresses with the cute prints. I can definitely imagine myself wearing the apple print dress in springtime with some sandals. The blue lace dress would work for day and night so I'd love to own that one.

I went into Next the other day for a look around and saw some pretty jumpers and cardigans. I'm still in winter mode at the moment so I was tempted to buy a camel coloured top. I held back so that I can spend more on a nice summer wardrobe! Hurry up summertime. I miss having a tan!

Home Sweet Home #4

As I sit in my freezing cold flat shivering, I like to imagine that I am infact in some sort of palatial house filled with fresh flowers and big soft cushions. My latest interior fancies are below:

If I had money to splurge on some pretty things then this is what I might buy...

The products above are from Oliver Bonas who also happen to do jewellery and clothes. I had to stop myself buying a pretty tea dress. And several silver rings. And a purse. Now that is restraint.

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