Sunday, 4 September 2011


I had a very small break (a whole week) from blogging and decided that I should just continue as it's something I really enjoy doing. It's not a 'fashion' or 'style' blog, I'm not stylish enough to be telling people what to wear! However,I do like showing what I've bought and particular things I like so I'll carry on as I was.

As everyone who knows me is aware, I am a big shopper when I feel the need. Recently I've been responsible and only bought those things that I really need. Every girl needs a splurge though, right? I thought I'd share a selection of my spoils, if only to make me feel guilty for the amount of things I bought.

Excuse the photo quality please! They were taken on my Blackberry as my camera is broken. Sad face.

First up: Shoe haul
Purple pumps, black pumps and black heels from New Look. Brown boots from Asda.

So maybe I didn't need to buy quite so many shoes but a girl can never have too many! I reasoned with myself that the three pairs from New Look can be worn to work and the brown boots are for my autumn/winter wardrobe. My old brown boots do need throwing out but I couldn't bare to part with them so they're still hanging about until I fall deeply in love with my new ones.
A last minute Primark buy.

 My staple shoes in Autumn are always black boots. Normally I go for knee high as they can be worn with lots of outfits but this pair were a panic buy as I was desperately trying to find some boots before we headed off to a festival! I like the studs and the fringing detail - not something I would dare to wear on other pieces of clothing!
I ♥ Leopard print
 Comfy pumps for work just to add a bit of colour. I always tend to rely on black as it's flattering and smart but I love this colour at the moment so had to have them!
Love the buckle detail on these shoes

Everyone needs some cute ankle boots!
Jewellery bits and bobs:

Sunglasses from Primark (another emergency festival buy) and a massive selection of new rings. From left: Big silver flower was a birthday present. Four dark gold spiky rings are from H&M, they also have small animal details on too which I thought were quite quirky but not over the top. The large stoned silver rings were bought from JWLRY, a shop I discovered from reading LLYMLRS blog. The two gold stoned rings (brown and orange) are H&M and the big stack of small gold rings are also H&M. Can you see a theme developing? I like to pile rings on rather than wearing loads of other jewellery at the moment.

Bags both from H&M during my giant spree the other day. I prefer plain bags as they go with more things and look timeless. The brown bag is also massive so I can fit all of my work stuff in there and not look too dorky. The big green pendant is from Topshop. I saw it in the sale and decided it would be a crime not to buy it.

This is the interior of the brown H&M bag. I don't actually like horses but I really like horse prints on things. Strange I know. I only bought those bags recently so they're still in the shops if you fancy having a look for yourself.

Clothing. I'm embarrassed to admit that this is only a small selection of what I've bought. 

Dress from Miss Selfridge. I was looking for a mid length floral dress and it just seemed to pop out at me. It was in the sale in my size so I decided that was more than enough reason to buy it. Wore it the same day and immediately spilt drink all over it. Doh.
 Top from H&M - it definitely fits my mood at the moment. I wear it with a long black vest top underneath so it looks a bit more casual and then add skinnies and heels. Bag from Primark. I love satchels and this one is so bright I needed to have it in my life.
Dress from Primark. Another festival buy as I wanted to make sure I had a dress I could wear with wellies if necessary. I added a big chunky navy cardigan (the blue and black rule bores me) and I busted out some moves in the dance tent with this baby.
 Two work tops from New Look. Blouses can be really unflattering on me but tucked into a pencil skirt I think it should look ok. I think I need to start looking a bit smarter so this is my attempt!
 Here's the bow from the maroon top. Not sure why it came out so pink (rubbish phone camera) but I wanted to show the detail. I like the fact that it's quite slouchy and not all rigid and stiff looking.
 Primark dress. I keep buying polka dot things at the moment and this is one of those moments. It's a mid length dress and quite clingy but it makes me feel super glamorous during the daytime!
And finally, two chunky jumpers from Primark. Big fan of blue and red and the particular style of both of these. The blue one has half sleeves and the red one has full length. Lovely.

I'm definitely feeling suitably guilty about all of this shopping now. This is to serve as a warning that I should calm it down for a while. The six weeks holiday must make me go shopping crazy! Back to work tomorrow and time to get back into a routine. The school holidays always confuse me as I like having an order to my life and end up being so unproductive when there are no particular deadlines or immediate pressures on me to get things done. That said, I do enjoy a daily lie in!

The blog is back and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. x

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