Saturday, 26 November 2011


This year has been an expensive one for me and so Christmas will be tight. Normally I buy all of the presents for others and then have enough to get myself a few treats too but I'll have to hope that someone else treats me this time. I guess I did buy myself a car and decide to live on my own so I've not been completely irresponsible. I've also been super organised this year and have got all of the presents already and written all of my cards. Call me sad, but I say I'm just well prepared! Maybe I'm getting boring and growing up?

Anyway, none of that stops me dreaming about glittery outfits. I tend to trawl online sites on the weekend just to see what's around so here are some of my favourite picks. I thought I'd share and it might save one person the hassle of taking hours to find that perfect dress.

Just incase Santa is listening... I'm a size ten and shoe size 7. Thanks Mr Claus! I'll leave a mince pie out.

First up is Dressrail. It's a really cheap website which I've only just discovered. There are some lovely dresses but also some I would steer clear of. It's just a case of finding the good ones I think! The two dresses below are particularly Christmassy and I just like the boots for winter wear (not with the dresses, obviously!) I get scared walking about in heels when it's rainy and cold so I rely on wedges and skinny jeans if I can! started off as a really small business but it's grown and grown in the last few years. So much for my undiscovered secret! They are also guilty of throwing a few dodgy items in but mostly they have some nice, quirky dresses and chunky shoes. I really like the mustard top because it has black down the sides which creates a bit of a slimming effect!

Fashion Union is relatively new and pretty cheap. I love both of these dresses and I could buy these shoes in endless colours!

I find it really hard to pick things from Miss Selfridge just because I tend to love it all. Some of their party dresses can be really short but that might just be because I'm 5'9 and they don't design them for people that tall. Those red wedges look gorgeous!

I generally save Topshop shopping for sale time and treats for other people. The lipstick here is my favourite colour; I seem to wear it on every night out and I'm starting to feel lost without my bright red lips.

It's got to be acceptable to get excited about Christmas now. There's less than a month left and my advent calendar is waiting to be opened. The Coca Cola advert has been on TV and Tess Daly is draped in glitter every week on Strictly. My favourite Christmas type advert at the moment is the lovely Michael Buble Christmas album. Ah Buble. I don't even want the album but I love the man and the advert!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

STYLE CRUSH #5: Caroline Flack

My latest style crush is Caroline Flack from The X Factor. She has ombre hair, a year round tan and Olly Murs on her arm. What's not to like? She tends to have the same outfit staples: a dress, ankle boots and lots of leg on show. It's simple, doesn't look too try hard but still manages to look absolutely stunning. Not only is she gorgeous but she's also hilarious and not afraid to be silly in public. This is standard requirement for me to like anyone!

In love with the giant red bag and the accompanying large glass of wine. A girl after my own heart!

Festival looks


  • the yellow kaftan (left) 
  • the tie up boots (right)
  • the aviators (below)

 Chunky boots, hand on hip and leopard print. Amaze.

And finally, I really, really want her and Olly Murs to hurry up and get married! They are so cute it's ridiculous and if anyone is going to take the Murs off the market then I think she should be the lady to do it. The only requirement is that she begs him to wear some more appropriate trousers.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011


It's that time of year when men get an excuse to look like idiots and women feel an overwhelming urge to tell every passer by that you are not dating a man with a Hulk Hogan obsession. Despite the embarrassing various facial hair arrangements, Movember is for a good cause and that shouldn't be forgotten in all the tache excitement.

Movember might only be for one month but there is actually a World Beard and Moustache Championship which involves much more commitment. I kid you not. There are even categories, including 'Imperial Moustache' and 'Sideburns Freestyle'.

Here are a few impressive/scary/itchy looking moustaches:

 I think it may also be a requirement to have a quizzical look on your face at all times.

If you fancy a look at more moustaches, see the Movember website and click 'Mo Photos'

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello November.

The start of November signals the beginning of cosy evenings in, stodgy comfort food and the opportunity to wrap up warm in fur and ridiculously oversized cardigans. Well, that's what it means for me anyway. Not only that, but I love Bonfire Night and Christmas so much that I instantly turn into a six year old again who runs around shops squealing at everything glittery. The tackier it is, the more excited I am. I have been witnessed publicly dancing to a musical Christmas tie in the middle of a supermarket. Not my proudest moment.

I think I've always loved this time of year purely because of the atmosphere and the excuse to be that little bit more lethargic and relaxed about everything. I remember being so scared of fireworks when I was little that I used to cry every time one of them made a noise. The ones that screech as they go up into the sky and then spread out into a big plume as they explode were a nightmare for me. I have strong memories of sitting on my Dad's shoulders and screaming my little heart out until I was pacified with some kind of toffee apple or sausage sandwich. Perhaps a sausage sandwich isn't traditional Bonfire Night fare, but I loved it. I can even remember holding the tin foil inbetween my gloves and feeling comforted by the heat coming from it. Wearing gloves whilst writing my name with a sparkler was also one of my favourite activities. Strange how you remember these things.

Fireworks don't traumatise me anymore (alright, maybe I jump a little) but they have always had my full attention one way or another. The colour against the dark sky and the shimmer as they fall back down is just mesmerising. Hopefully I can go and see a big display this year and attempt to recreate some kind of tin foil sandwich situation.

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