Monday, 23 May 2011


Love’s time’s beggar, but even a single hour,
bright as a dropped coin, makes love rich.
We find an hour together, spend it not on flowers
or wine, but the whole of the summer sky and a grass ditch.

For thousands of seconds we kiss; your hair
like treasure on the ground; the Midas light
turning your limbs to gold. Time slows, for here
we are millonaires, backhanding the night

so nothing dark will end our shining hour,
no jewel hold a candle to the cuckoo spit
hung from the blade of grass at your ear,
no chandelier or spotlight see you better lit

than here. Now. Time hates love, wants love poor,
but love spins gold, gold, gold from straw.

Carol Ann Duffy 'Hour'


I don't know if it's just me that does this... but I love to pretend shop on websites. Even going through all of the motions and putting things in the 'basket' even though I have absolutely no intention of buying them. Hopefully it's not just me? Anyway, instead of buying I have become one of those people who 'likes' things publicly purely because I like to share pretty things around. However, I know that it is intensely annoying when people continuously flood your news feed with things you don't care about. Many people I am 'friends' with have had their status updates blocked for this same reason. I just don't care what you had for breakfast/lunch/dinner or how much you hate your job/life/spouse. As much as I moan about it, I am one of the many who rely on Facebook to keep them updated with friends and general goings on.

So in the interest of being less annoying but still satisfying my sparkle obsessed brain, I have decided to post pretty things on here and leave Facebook for general updates and catching up with friends. I must admit I am also slightly concerned ever since a random girl approached me in the street a few months ago claiming to know me and it turned out she was just a friend of a friend who had 'stalked' me via Facebook. Weird. Even weirder that she found it totally acceptable to suddenly admit this fact. Note to self: privacy controls must be on total lockdown. 

Anyway, here are a few pretty things for those of you who care. For those of you who don't, as you were.

P.S. You can now 'like' my blog posts. Ironic, no?

All items from Forever 21- I may be a little in love. ♥

Bead and Chain necklace £7.40

Bicycle watch necklace £9.80

Bohemian Chandelier Earrings £4.80

Colour pop layered necklace £6.80

Colourful bangle set £5.65

Fancy scalloped bracelet £8.55

Ganesha Charm Necklace £5.55

Leaf Knuckle Ring £5.55

Oh My Boho Bangles £5.80

Seven Wonders Necklace £9.80

Two Layered Necklace Charm £3.80

Umbrella Charm Necklace £2.55

World Travels Necklace £7.80
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