Wednesday, 3 August 2011


As my magazine addiction spirals out of control I realise that I spend far too much money and time deconstructing each magazine, looking at the latest trends and decided what might suit me and what will obviously make me look like I got dressed in the dark. I probably buy about 2/3 magazines a week depending on travel or boredom levels. Mostly I buy Look magazine as it has a good mix of fashion, beauty and stories. They always seem to do features on blogging which interests me purely because I'm nosy. I like seeing how other people write, how they lay things out and what makes them tick. My blog is mainly just a space for me to share things I love and waffle about goings-on. Anyway, I reason that it's ok to buy all of these magazines as I always use them at school to teach Media or even in English when I'm feeling particularly arty/creative/lazy or need a nice display! I have a lovely big Romeo and Juliet board up at the moment which is full of collages made entirely from my hefty magazine collection. I can't deny that it does hurt me to see them cut up but I make sure I rip out the best adverts (for media) and inspiration (for me) before I hand them over to the little darlings. I have an entire folder full of adverts for media, even sectioned off into types. Yes, I am that sad.

My top three things today:

Top blog: LLYMRS I seem to view it daily just to see what she wears. Lily Melrose is only 21 but her blog has so many followers that she is making a good living off it and is even in Look magazine this week! She also has a jewellery shop (see link from her blog) which sells beautiful chunky rings (my current love) so I have just ordered 5 random rings for £10! Couldn't resist.

Top advert: Mayonnaise - I don't particularly like mayonnaise or Aldi but this advert does make me laugh. Good work!

Top trends: Emerald green, Polka dots and bright red lipstick.

Emerald green - Classy, easy to carry and will work right through to winter because it's such a gorgeous jewel kind of tone.

Gucci green is my favourite kind! It suits most people and can look really classy in a dark shade.

Dorothy Perkins - Love the colour, love the length.

Topshop - I do enjoy a good floral print!

Topshop - cute summery but good to add layers to.
Zara. This one looks a little Kate Middleton. Want!

Polka dot -  Cute and girly but I like it most when it's worn with tough accessories or mixed with another print.

Another of my favourites, Lanvin, doing polka dot with tough boots.
ASOS - Really girlie but I would add a leather jacket and black tights.

Last thing I wanted to mention is Tumblr, another of my addictions. It's basically a kind of blog but in a different format. It depends on how you use it. I like to use mine to show photos, art and quotes that I love. I queue up various things that I like and it posts new things each day even when I'm not online. This is my tumblr - go and have a look if you are wondering what I mean. Even though they're not my pictures it still feels very personal as they are things that I love and I definitely think it says lots about me based on what I choose. If you are too lazy to click the link then here are a few things from my tumblr.

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