Tuesday, 31 January 2012

You don't need no help from Suzannah or Trinny, you're tanned and you're skinny, what more do you want?

I love to pile on jewellery whenever I can and if it was acceptable then I'd wear a ring on every finger! My current favourites at the moment are two gold rings from H&M which have a little rabbit and fox on. I like to pretend they're friends. My latest jewellery search came up with a few beauties from my usual favourite jewellery shops.

Top row: Forever21
Middle row: Topshop
Bottom row: Love Hearts and Crosses

The title of the post is taken from a song I've not listened to in a while. Care 4 U is an Example song from before he became really popular and changed his sound. I heard a clip of this on a tv programme/advert (can't remember which?!) the other day so it got me back into the album. I love listening to songs when you've not heard them in ages. I know that I need it after having only a car radio and feeling like I'm forced to listen to the same three songs on a daily basis. My choice is between Chris Moyles (who I hate) or Capital FM which play the same songs on a loop (ARGH) but having said that, Radio One doesn't go far from one playlist in the mornings either. I should have asked Santa for a car CD player or Ipod hookup. Doh.

If you know of a good jewellery shop that do similar styles to the ones above then please let me know - I'm always on the lookout!


Style Crush #9: Jessica Lowndes

I can't believe I haven't blogged about Jessica Lowndes before. She's a natural beauty but also loves some bright lipstick every now and again. If I could look like anyone then it would be her. I also have total hair envy - how can I make mine that shiny?

She plays Adrianna in 90210 but I much prefer her style outside of the show. She had a bob with a heavy fringe a while back and I wasn't sure about that whole look! Anyway, here are some of my favourite pictures of her. I feel like I should make a 'look board' and put some of my style crushes in my dressing room for inspiration.

If anyone knows where I can find out how to recreate this plait then please let me know...

 Pretty in pink. A good mix of girly and tough. Those shoes are gorgeous!

 Red lipstick, sleek hair, perfect brows.

 A more casual look. Why can't everyone look this beautiful on an off day?

 My favourite look. So, so perfect. I want to BE her. Too far? Nah.

Pink lipstick and darker hair suits her too. No wonder she looks so happy with herself.

This is how I would style her.
jessica lowndes

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