Monday, 13 February 2012

I love #8

I love arty things. I don't look at art enough nowadays.
Ahh sparklers.

Florals, bag, tan. Hurry up summer time.

I want to be here. Right now.

I can't decide which is cuter. This or...

This! Cutest lunchbox everrrr.

If I could put me into a bag...

I want to own this dog.

Blossom and books = perfection

 Pictures from

Bookworm #6: The Road

You can probably tell from the front cover of this book that it wasn't a jolly read. The novel is set in a postapocalyptic world where danger is a constant threat. Father and son are travelling along 'the road' towards the coast and facing the ever growing realisation that there is no hope left. All they have is each other. The pair are nameless and the narrative is simplistic; I found this hard to get into at first but it soon had me hooked and wanting to know what would happen to both characters in the face of total devastation. Although the depiction of this world is terrifying, it serves to highlight the tenderness between the father and son and the true nature of love.

The novel is very dark and features some incredibly emotive moments, particularly when the young boy is involved. I find it very hard not to deconstruct things and ask a million questions when reading, so this book tested me to hold back my English teacher tendencies and try to immerse myself fully in the plot. It has been made into a film which I'm sure is equally as grim and haunting. I haven't seen it and I don't think I will. I don't want to ruin the book. Despite the depressing subject matter, this novel was great to read and I felt really concerned for the characters. It leaves many questions unanswered and doesn't wrap anything up neatly.

It's a fantastic book and I would recommend it to everyone. It makes you appreciate what you have and begin to consider things on a larger scale. 

N.B. I'm not writing full book reviews, just my little opinion, but if you do want to know more about the novel then check out The Guardian for good reviews. One more thing, although I'm an English teacher I don't put tons of time into writing my blog and considering grammar/punctuation/sophistication so for anyone judging me then go for it. I don't care. :)

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